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Best Free Data Recovery Software 2017

Best Free Data Recovery Software 2017

Computer handling may seem so easy but data management can at times get inexplicable. However more and more users happen to delete important data erroneously.

Computers are known to be intelligent machines since they have the power to secure data even if the data been prior deleted. Such is the case where you can restore any file from the recycle bin if it has not been cleared up from there. In other cases, you can be able to restore data via other methods such as file history and restore point. Nonetheless, these methods can at times prove to be futile. And this is when you require a data recovery software for your PC.

Today, there is a lot of accessible data recovery software and picking out the most excellent is now the problem. With this put in consideration, I have come up with s list of the best data recovery software for your PC.

  1. Advanced Disk Recovery:

This spontaneous and handy software was developed by Systweak. The Advanced Disk Recovery scans the entire hard drive to detect the files and folders that been deleted. it has two types of scans; The Quick Scan which uses the Master File Table and the Deep Scan that uses file signatures. Once it has detected them, the software marks the files in red and allows you to restore them. It is very simple, just right click and restore the files at the same location where it was originally present.


  1. Recuva:

Recuva is free data recovery software. It simply works by scanning your system and compiles a list of all the deleted files. This software is compatible with other file formats including images, documents, and some MP3 files. Additionally, you can also scan and find deleted files from removable external media such as SmartMedia, Digital Camera, Floppy disks and other SD cards. The software installation is smooth, quick and easy to run.


  1. Pandora Recovery:

Like all the above, this software scans folders within the hard disk to come up with a list of all the deleted files. Immediately after scanning it will display the results for the user to restore. The software lets user’s browser, search, preview, and recover deleted files from NTFS and FAT volumes, supporting hard drives flash drives and memory cards. The Pandora Recovery also has the ability to scan drive clusters, picking up files whose Managed File Transfer (M.F.T)  records that have been reused by OS, making it restore the files on the formatted drive.


  1. MiniTool Partition Free Recovery:

MiniTool Partition Free Recovery is the next recovery software on the Best Free Data Recovery Software 2017 list. This tool too scans the disk to identify and recover deleted files. Though, unlike others, it can also recover data from damaged and reformatted hard drives. It’s a freeware and also scans removable disk. With an instinctive interface and handy feature, the Mini Tool Partition Free recovery software is the best for any PC.


  1. PC Inspector File recovery:

Developed by Convar, the PC Inspector File Recovery is a freeware for data recovery. After you have downloaded and installed the tool, you have to run a scan on the system hard drives to detect the once deleted files. The tool supports various file formats including, CDR, DOC, DXF, XLS, GIF, HTML, HTM, JPG, MP3, PDF, PNG, RTF, and much more. Though the tool is handy and canny you many find difficulty using it.



  1. Stellar Data Recovery:

Stellar Data Recovery software makes it easy for many users to find deleted data by coming up with a list and labeling it. The tool is fitted with three tabs namely Data Recovery, Recovery from Image, and Advance Option. Users can scan their drives and recover photos, music files, documents, emails and other data lost on their systems. The tool also helps users track the health of the hard drive via its Drive Status option.


  1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard helps users find deleted files from formatted or corrupted, missing critical file system structures, application crash, computer viruses, partitioning or boot-up problems, damage due to a power failure or surge etc. The tool is intuitive, easy to use, and available for free for users to download.

The above reviewed are the best data recovery software for users to install and recover all once deleted files. However, if any file has been overwritten, then it can’t be recovered via these tools. In other words, recovery tools only recover the files that aren’t overwritten on the disk. With that been said, typically such files aren’t overwritten and it never becomes a hassle to get such files back.


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