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Betting in Kenya Review

What we know as modern sports betting is a bit more defined, however, and it takes its roots in the one-time popular event of pedestrianism, which is essentially race-walking. Pedestrianism was extremely popular in early 19th century England and soon went hand-in-hand with gambling. The link with gambling became so widespread that the Amateur Athletic Association was founded in 1880 to help stop race fixing and other devious tactics designed to influence the outcome of events.

Current sports betting is more defined, however, it still takes roots in the erstwhile common event of pedestrianism which in essence was race-walking. Pedestrianism was prevalent in England in the early 19th century and rapidly went alongside with gambling.


While pedestrianism was riding a wave of momentum in Europe, it branched out to other countries in large part due to the related gambling that took place including the United States. But as history has shown us, where there is money, there are also unsavory characters, and soon pedestrianism had the integrity of modern-day professional wrestling.


Fortunately for those who liked to gamble, pedestrianism’s decline coincided with the growth of the game of baseball and soon baseball became the choice of bettors. As with pedestrianism competitors, baseball players weren’t above throwing games for profit and more than 40 years before the well-known Black Sox Scandal of 1919, the Louisville Grays were found to have thrown games in 1877.


It’s important to remember that sports betting was viewed differently in the late 1800s, as Dec. 9, 1894, Washington Post’s Baseball Notes carried the following about Chicago Colts manager Cap Anson: “Uncle Anson has already started making wagers on the position the Chicago Colts will have in the race for the National League Pennant next year. He put up $100 a few days ago that his team would finish higher up in the race than the Pittsburgh Pirates.” Needless to say, this wouldn’t go over well today, but in the late 1800s, the only concern was with throwing games. A manager betting on his team to do better than another one was perfectly acceptable.


Baseball fixing was constantly rumored and it was the 1919 World Series that brought things into the open when the favored White Sox lost to the Cincinnati Reds and eight players including “Shoeless” Joe Jackson were banned for life.

Jackson’s involvement with the fix has been greatly debated and those in favor of his reinstatement include politicians such as Trent Lott, John McCain, and Strom Thurmond; along with players such as Ted Williams, who paid for a lawyer out of his own pocket to work on Jackson’s reinstatement.


Baseball remained the king of sports betting into the 1920s when other sports started to see a rise in popularity, which naturally led to an increase in wagering during the so-called “Golden Age” of sports. The one problem with betting on games during that time was that games were bet with odds and if a better liked a prohibitive favorite, they could find themselves risking $10 or $20 to win $1.


In Kenya, The Betting Control and Licensing Board was established by an Act of Parliament in 1966 and is charged with the responsibility of controlling and licensing betting and gaming premises, facilitation of tax collection, authorization of public lotteries, prize competitions, inspection and elimination of illegal gambling. The Betting Control and Licensing Board also curbs illegal betting, lotteries and gaming and creates awareness and public confidence in betting lotteries and gaming.

In post-independence Kenya, Gambling was limited to Casinos and private clubs and   seen by most citizens as a luxury only set aside for the cream de la cream of the society but Sports betting is a phenomenon that is quickly gripping Kenya. A university student, matatu tout, young professional, boda boda guy, retiree and watchman are all united in anxiety and joy or sorrow depending on the outcome of a sporting event for which they placed a bet on. Some might wonder why it took so long but the multi-billion dollar sport betting industry is now firmly established in Kenya and steadily growing with research showing that in ten people, four are participating in sport betting with most focus being of football although betting companies give lots of options of different sports including tennis, rugby, boxing and even events with huge public interest like elections.

2014 is the year that had a significant change in the sports betting scene in Kenya. Sports betting firm SportPesa made an entrance in the Kenyan market and it took betting to a whole new level. Targeting low and middle-class earners in the society, SportPesa had people placing bets from as low as ksh 100 with great odds and winnings of up to ten times your investment. Furthermore, the firm also introduced jackpot games where individuals have to predict the outcome of thirteen games correctly and with huge amounts of money with the minimum being ten million Kenya shillings: which grows on a weekly basis if no one got all the thirteen games correctly the previous week. The firm also rewards people with huge bonuses for ten, eleven or twelve correct predictions.

SportPesa banked on good marketing to get people from all walks of life to get involved in betting and using their platform. The firm also got its hands in very many grassroots projects such as community sports leagues, sponsoring several national teams including the football and rugby teams, sponsoring community-based clubs and all this worked out in the firm’s favor. Besides sponsoring the local league, it has also exploited the love of Kenyan football fans of the English Premier League to appeal to all and sundry, it has sponsorship deals with premier league sides Everton football club and Hull city also based in England. Such exploits only go to show that the firm has grown locally from the grassroots, nationally, regionally and now it’s a global brand.

It also provides for the endorsement of lotteries and prize competition as well as eradication of unlawful gambling. Through these mechanisms, the Kenyan government has succeeded in protecting and safeguarding the public and third parties from crooked betting operators while also providing definite mandatory requirements concerning licensing, ticketing, and submissions of returns, bookmaking and totalizing. Several betting organizations have also been established.


Though the gaming industry has been gradually growing, for the last almost 5 years, it has created employment and generated revenue. The Kenyan government still plays a role in the legal administration and regulation of betting activities in the Kenyan sports.


Sports betting have become a fast growing obsession among the youth who make thousands of shillings sitting and likewise lose thousands over time. This betting trend has consumed the hearts and minds of our young generation. Thanks to the media, betting has taken root in Kenya and it prudently packages this fad into glamorous commercials, newspaper ads, billboards and pop-up ads on the internet.

The betting craze that has engulfed the country is beyond reproach as people are doing unimaginable things all in the name of sports betting. Kenyans, like most human beings, have no fears of getting rich in the quickest. Most of them love short cuts and believe betting is one sure route to Easy Street. One of the prime factors that have led to increased betting in Kenya is the level of hopelessness mostly experienced by graduates and under graduate who has been tarmacking for years trying their luck but no jobs are available. Inflation is another factor that has led people to think they can change their lives instantly by betting.

Some people are said to have taken their own lives after losing a bet. Sometimes the stakes are so high that the only option that one has is to win. If the opposite happens then the results are unbearable. Some people are reported to have spent their school fee or rent money on betting. When results do not go according to plans then they take up loans from friends or even banks so as to recover lost money by more betting only to lose more leaving them in a deeper hole financially than they were before.


It is sad that some college or even university students will use their tuition fees to place a bet, choosing cash over knowledge.  It also tragic to see the future of this nation now living by the backward philosophy of getting what they want without sweating. Although betting is not illegal, these online casinos with money floating around attract many University students trying to be overnight millionaires, but incongruously they do not how to handle ten thousand.

Here below are some of the reasons why betting has been considered a big time craze in Kenya.

Most offices in Kenya currently have installed free Wi-Fi for their employers. It is known that Kenyans love free goodies and hence they spend most their time studying the multiple bets sites at the expense of their employers. Most of these people believe they can kiss the Lady luck and win millions instantly.

Betting has also been considered to be a short cut to making it in life. To make it in life one has to sacrifice and pass through lots of pain. “No pain without gain”, this saying does not imply anywhere in bettors life. For one to invest one has to work and most bettors think that working is time consuming and therefore choose the shortcut and bribe their way to fortunes by betting.

However, Kenyans who bet can be considered greedy. Imagine one person getting over 20 million on betting only. This greed will never many Kenyans sleepless for days thinking that they too can make as that person they saw on TV with a dummy cheque of 20 million.

Lastly, many Kenyan bettors are big dreamers and believe that five minutes of predicting games will earn them those millions.  They want to own everything and since money does not grow on trees they believe that betting is the way to riches. Most of them consider investing that 100 or 200 into betting and wait for the eventuality.

Research in the past two decades has dramatically improved neuroscientists’ working model of how the brain changes as an addiction develops. In the middle of our cranium, a series of circuits known as the reward system links various scattered brain regions involved in memory, movement, pleasure and motivation. When we engage in an activity that keeps us alive or helps us pass on our genes, neurons in the reward system squirt out a chemical messenger called dopamine, giving us a little wave of satisfaction and encouraging us to make a habit of enjoying hearty meals and romps in the sack. When stimulated by amphetamine, cocaine or other addictive drugs, the reward system disperses up to 10 times more dopamine than usual.

Continuous use of such drugs robs them of their power to induce euphoria. Addictive substances keep the brain so awash in dopamine that it eventually adapts by producing less of the molecule and becoming less responsive to its effects. As a consequence, addicts build up a tolerance to a drug, needing larger and larger amounts to get high. In severe addiction, people also go through withdrawal—they feel physically ill, cannot sleep and shake uncontrollably—if their brain is deprived of a dopamine-stimulating substance for too long. At the same time, neural pathways connecting the reward circuit to the prefrontal cortex weaken. Resting just above and behind the eyes, the prefrontal cortex helps people tame impulses. In other words, the more an addict uses a drug, the harder it becomes to stop.

Research to date shows that pathological gamblers and drug addicts share many of the same genetic predispositions for impulsivity and reward seeking. Just as substance addicts require increasingly strong hits to get high, compulsive gamblers pursue ever riskier ventures. Likewise, both drug addicts and problem gamblers endure symptoms of withdrawal when separated from the chemical or thrill they desire. And a few studies suggest that some people are especially vulnerable to both drug addiction and compulsive gambling because their reward circuitry is inherently underactive—which may partially explain why they seek big thrills in the first place.

Even more compelling, neuroscientists have learned that drugs and gambling alter many of the same brain circuits in similar ways. These insights come from studies of blood flow and electrical activity in people’s brains as they complete various tasks on computers that either mimic casino games or test their impulse control. In some experiments, virtual cards selected from different decks earn or lose a player money; other tasks challenge someone to respond quickly to certain images that flash on a screen but not to react to others.

A 2005 German study using such a card game suggests problem gamblers—like drug addicts—have lost sensitivity to their high: when winning, subjects had lower than typical electrical activity in a key region of the brain’s reward system. In a 2003 study at Yale University and a 2012 study at the University of Amsterdam, pathological gamblers taking tests that measured their impulsivity had unusually low levels of electrical activity in prefrontal brain regions that help people assess risks and suppress instincts. Drug addicts also often have a listless prefrontal cortex.

Further evidence that gambling and drugs change the brain in similar ways surfaced in an unexpected group of people: those with the neurodegenerative disorder Parkinson’s disease. Characterized by muscle stiffness and tremors, Parkinson’s is caused by the death of dopamine-producing neurons in a section of the midbrain. Over the decades researchers noticed that a remarkably high number of Parkinson’s patients—between 2 and 7 percent—are compulsive gamblers. Treatment for one disorder most likely contributes to another. To ease symptoms of Parkinson’s, some patients take levodopa and other drugs that increase dopamine levels. Researchers think that in some cases the resulting chemical influx modifies the brain in a way that makes risks and rewards—say, those in a game of poker—more appealing and rash decisions more difficult to resist.

A new understanding of compulsive gambling has also helped scientists redefine addiction itself. Whereas experts used to think of addiction as dependency on a chemical, they now define it as repeatedly pursuing a rewarding experience despite serious repercussions. That experience could be the high of cocaine or heroin or the thrill of doubling one’s money at the casino. “The past idea was that you need to ingest a drug that changes neurochemistry in the brain to get addicted, but we now know that just about anything we do alters the brain,” says Timothy Fong, a psychiatrist and addiction expert at the University of California, Los Angeles. “It makes sense that some highly rewarding behaviors, like gambling, can cause dramatic physical changes, too.” The sport betting firms in Kenya have found a way of exploiting all this research in their favor and now they have the financial muscle to dictate the market. SportPesa for example pays a lot of money to media houses for adverts and campaigns thus being able to manipulate the media as well.

The well-oiled machine has been able to bring on board all major mobile telecoms and media houses to help it push across a wide discerning public. It also has the major media houses to count as its partners. The company’s marketing and PR have also been on a major blitz for some time now with concerts (such as the Sportspesa Festival) and other forms such as outdoor publicity giving it top-of-mind presence over other sports betting platforms. It has used some of the well-known local music artistes such as Wyre to push their brand to the youthful populace. It runs news site aggregating football news from across major leagues of the world. Its site was ranked among the top 10 most visited websites in Kenya year ending December 2015.

The Sportpesa betting interface is one of the most users’ friendly ones we have seen. Rather than being Flash driven, the website is simple HTML formatted. This means it has a narrow range of interactive features every simple Kenyan punter needs to place and manage their bets.


The left column features a ubiquitous sports navigation panel which is minimalistic. However, unlike most bookmakers, the navigation frame loads categories for their sports markets. At the top, they have quick links to conspicuous pay bill numbers, FAQs, guides on how to play- which makes it easy for one to use and manage bets on their website.


You then select the leagues you wish to view on the left before a list with betting odds being populated in the middle of the website. This feature is great when you wish to view numerous leagues at once, but it does take longer than a typical drop down menu if you’re only looking up one market. At present, you cannot display odds for different sports at the same time on the Sportpesa logins website. The site has a betting slip which operates much like an online shopping cart in a normal e-commerce website. It is displayed to the right of the odds display and is maintained as you navigate around the website. Your net profit is calculated and displayed automatically as you input your betting amount.

The slip features a ‘Multiple Bet Options’ panel, which when selected displays numerous combinations of multi-bets using items in your bet slip. Multi betting fans will appreciate the functionality as it allows them to combine bets from all sports markets Sportpesa participates in. There is no cap on the number of events one can add to the slip.


Sportpesa is without a doubt, the most successful local bookmaker in Kenya boasting of over 10 million visitors to their website every month. This comes due to its early entry into the country and large advertising budgets that have made it a household name in Kenya. How does it work? Well, one has to register either through one’s phone or through their website and now you have registered and your account has been set up, kindly ensure that you log in before you place your bets.

The SportPesa website is very easy to navigate, all you need to do is click on the sport you are interested in i.e Football, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket or Rugby to find matches that you want to bet on in your multibet.

To place a multibet, click on the team that you predict to win either Home team (first listed team) or Away team (second listed team).

If you wish to predict that the outcome of the game will be a draw, click in the middle of the two teams to select X (DRAW).

If you wish to predict on the additional markets, click on the option for more markets displayed as (+12, +2, +8 e.t.c) besides the game you want to bet on to access the available betting options.

Once you select your predictions, a Bet slip will appear showing the predictions you have selected, the Odds of your predictions, and the bet amount at the bottom of the bet slip, which can be adjusted depending on how much you would like to bet with.

Note that you can edit your bets from the bet slip just to make sure that you have made the choices you want.

If you would like to do away with the entire bet and start a fresh, then click on REMOVE ALL”

Click on “PLACE BET” to place your bet.

A message requesting you to “CONFIRM YOUR BET” will pop up at this point. You can click on “CANCEL” and go back to your bet slip, or click “OK”.

After clicking “OK” a confirmation message will be displayed on the screen showing your:

  • The games you selected
  • Your predictions
  • The type of bet you have placed – Multibet
  • The amount you have bet with
  • Your Bet ID
  • Your possible win
  • Your SportPesa account balance

Note: From this confirmation message, you can go straight to your Bet History by clicking on “View History”.

You will also receive a confirmation message on your mobile phone from 79079 to confirm the same bet. If you want to participate in their jackpot then this is how you navigate through their website:

Step 1

Log into your SportPesa account and click on the Jackpot banner at the top of your screen.

Step 2

To place a Jackpot bet, click on the team that you predict to win. Click on either the Home team (first listed team) or the Away team (second listed team).

If you wish to predict that the outcome of the game will be a draw, click in the middle of the two teams to select X (DRAW).

Select your predictions for all the 13 Jackpot games.

A bet slip will appear with all your predictions.

On the bet slip, you will also be able to see the number of combinations made. If you have not placed a combination bet, the number of combinations will be 1.

Step 3

Click on place a bet.

Step 4

Click Ok to confirm or Cancel to decline.

A message will be displayed on your screen to confirm the placement of your Jackpot bet.

NB 1: You are a winner when all your 13 predictions match with the games outcomes. Jackpot is equally shared amongst all winners and so is the bonus money for some of the correctly predicted number of combinations.

SportPesa like many sport betting companies want to reel in as many consumers as possible so they have also come up with betting through mobile phones:

Step 1

SMS to 79079 the Game IDs of the games you have selected, your predictions for these games, and the amount you want to bet with. (Note that a Multibet has a minimum of two games and a maximum of 20 games).

e.g. 1234#2#4534#1#7180 #X#1350 where 1234 is the first Game ID,2 is the prediction,4534 is the second Game ID, 1 is the prediction, 7180 is the third Game ID and X is the prediction. KSH 1350 is the bet amount for your multibet.

Step 2

You will receive a confirmation message from 79079 showing your Multi Bet ID, possible win and your SportPesa account balance. The possible win is calculated by multiplying your total Odds by the bet amount. (e.g.2.36*1.22*3.12*100=KSH 8980)

e.g. You placed MultiBetID 6955. Amount KSH 100. Possible WIN: KSH 8980 Your S-PESA balance is: KSH 37958

Step 3

Your bet has been placed, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the game!



To cancel a bet, send the word “Cancel” followed by “#” and the Bet ID which is the 4 digit number received in the confirmation message, to 79079. Note that you can only cancel a bet within 10 minutes of placing it and before any game from your bet kicks off.

e.g. Cancel#2345 (where 2345 is the Bet ID)

Being the first sport betting company in the market has both negatives and positives, and SportPesa has become the benchmark for other betting companies that are exploiting what SportPesa are doing wrong to help them gain clients. One of the things that some companies are using to lure in gamblers is offering free betting. Here are some examples:


Betway offers attractive free betting promotions. In most cases, it allows an individual to bet for free for bets worth up to Ksh 100.

I am one of the many players who enjoy these services and I can confess that I always withdraw money won from free betting.

How do you bet for free?

The first step is to open a Betway betting account.

1) As seen in the image below, you will find your “Free Bet” balance in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

2) Once you have added your selections to your bet slip, you will be given the option to either “Place bet” or “Use My Free bet”.

3) Select “Use My Free bet” and then click “Confirm Bet” on the pop-up window.



BetPawa is the second company we have in our list of betting sites that allow free betting. When you have an account at BetPawa, you will be able to place several bets for free and earn money without your account having even a coin.

If you want to bet, how do you go about it?

The first and most important step is to open an account, which is free, then follow this step.

Select what you want to bet on
2. Enter your phone number
3. Choose your account password (6 or more characters)
4. Select ‘Submit Freebet’

Your betPawa account will be created and your bet will be placed. Please don’t forget to verify your account once you receive our SMS; unverified accounts will lose their Freebet after 48 hours.

To view your bet, go to ‘Menu’ and choose ‘My Bets’, after you’ve logged in.

When your bet wins, betPawa keeps its stake and pays the winnings into your account.


MCHEZA Karibu Bonus Promotion

MCHEZA is another popular betting site that offers free betting offers to individuals who refer friends to the site through SMS or MCHEZA website. This is how it works:

A Player will receive a bonus when they refer a friend to mCHEZA either via the mCHEZA website or via


A player will earn a bonus on the first 3 bets made by his/her friend as per the breakdown below.

Kshs 100 for the friend’s 1 st bet

Kshs 75 for the friend’s 2 nd bet

Kshs 50 for the friend’s 3 rd bet

TOTAL BONUS IS KSHS 225 for every friend you introduce to mCHEZA

To Refer a friend through SMS;

Send their number via SMS to 29888. e.g. SMS 0722XXXXXX to 29888




Apart from free betting, some companies also offer ‘Live betting’ where one can change his or her bet as the game is being played, but the odds are also adjusted. Here is a list of betting companies that are slowly gaining a foothold in the Kenyan market due to innovation and correcting what Sportpesa is doing differently to match the consumer’s needs:

  1. BetPawa

BetPawa has been in operation in Kenya since January 2016. Interestingly, just as we have ranked them at the top, BetPawa has the lowest stake in Kenya. With just one shilling, you are good to go and can start betting. They offer one of  the highest payout in Kenya of Ksh.2.5 million. Besides that, you will receive a free bet of Ksh.25 on sign up to get you off the ground. BetPawa does not not offer USSD betting. BetPawa has a 24-hour customer service, live betting, win bonuses and some pretty amazing odds too. They operate in 3 other countries.

  1. Sportpesa

They certainly have been in the game longer and are the dominant player. They have been in operation for two years now. Sportpesa has a wide array of sports and markets on its platform and offer instant payouts to its clients. The KPL, Gor Mahia, AFC Leopards, Quins and Hull City sponsors have a minimum bet of Ksh. 49. Sportpesa has some lucrative jackpots that include the Ksh. 100 million mega jackpot.

  1. Betin Kenya

Betin Kenya  is part of the GoldBet Group; one of Europe’s largest betting and gaming operators. They offer a wide array of sports including horse racing. You can also bet on Casino games, racing and virtual sports. Betin has live betting options too. They offer the highest payout of Ksh.10 million. Betin also offers betting shops where you buy tickets and bet.

  1. BetWay Kenya

A household name in the gaming industry. They offer a variety of jackpots and markets for you to play on. With BetWay, you will receive game codes every often.

  1. Betika

Betika is about a year old in Kenya. They have some amazing odds and a variety of sports. Betika offers a jackpot and a Bingwa 5 selection where you have to pick 5 correct scores for Ksh.50. They also offer a 24-hour support.

  1. Mcheza

Mcheza is the second online bookie to set foot in Kenya. It’s platform has been compared to that of some other bookies in Kenya.  They offer a jackpot daily for 7 matches. On Mcheza, you can get some pretty exciting bonuses for referrals and deposits.

  1. Elibet Kenya

Elitebet has been in operation for a couple of years. They pride themselves in offering one of the lowest stakes in Kenya – Ksh.5. They offer a weekly jackpot, with a minimum stake of Ksh.5. However, their platform isnt so mobile-friendly.

8.Justbet Kenya

Justbet has a variety of betting options and some good oods. However, their minimum stake is Ksh.100. The maximum you can withdraw a day is Ksh.100,000. They also offer virtual betting but no jackpot yet. Justbet has a 24-hour customer support.

  1. Betyetu

Betyetu has a quite mobile-friendly mobile site. They offer a bonus on registration. They offer a jackpot of up to 10 million and will reward you for up to 9 out of 13 correct picks. The minimum withdrawal is Ksh.100. You can also bet live.


  1. Eazi Bet

With Eazi Bet, you register fast and easy on mobile. You can bet on a host of matches, and also bet live. They offer betting in shops too. Their minimum deposit is Ksh.1  and Ksh.50 is the minimum withdrawal.

  1. Lucky2U Sports Bet

Lucky2U Sports Bet was launched during the FIFA World Cup 2010. Lucky2U Sports Bet is operated by Lucky To You Limited. They offer a variety of betting options though their website is quite poor.

  1. Supabet 247

One of the latest entrants in the game.  They have an array of betting products covering sports betting, casino, poker and bingo offerings. They also have a Ksh.20 million jackpot. The maximum pay-out is Kshs 200,000 on single bets and Kshs 2,000,000 on multi bets.

  1. Kwikbet

Another new player in the game.  The minimum bet is Ksh. 50, as is the minimu withdrawal. They also offer some bonuses on sign up and you can bet via SMS.

  1. Tucheze Afrobet

Tucheze boosts and hosts the most intelligent and advanced betting platform in the country. A new entrant in the market, Tucheze offers live betting and casino betting too with a maximum payout of up to Ksh 1,000,000.

  1. Premier Bet

A multi-national sports betting company. Registration is done online and deposits can be made through buying vouchers at Premier Bet shops. They offer a variety of markets and betting options too.

  1. Safaribet

Safaribet has lots of betting options and sports on its site. The site is quite easy to navigate.

  1. M-Bet Kenya

A not-so familiar bookie in Kenya.  The M-Pesa deposit limit is Ksh.1 while the minimum withdrawal is Ksh.150. You can withdraw a maximum of Ksh. 5,000. They offer a variety of betting options and operate in Tanzania too.


  1. Cheza Cash

A new entrant to the market in 2017. One can bet on 5 different sports together with a weekly jackpot of Ksh. 15,000,000. Each time you play the jackpot, you earn points and could win Ksh.15,000. You can withdraw a minimum of Ksh.1 from Cheza Cash. Also, when you deposit Ksh.100 and bet with it, you earn a bonus of Ksh.100

The playing ground for Kenyan betting companies is set to become difficult and perhaps untenable. The recently proposed national budget has stated that these companies need to pay much more.

In the proposed budget, the taxation to be imposed on these firms is a suggested increase of close to 600%. Treasury CS Henry Rotich plans to impose a 50% tax on the gross revenue of betting companies.

It doesn’t take a genius to notice that this is an unsustainable proposal.

This will be detrimental in multiple dimensions and proportions. The following scenarios are likely to happen:

  1. Betting companies may relocate elsewhereAccording to a 2013 BBC estimate, the global betting industry was worth between $700bn and $1tn a year. With other countries being less hostile in terms of taxation like in Kenya, betting companies are likely to close shop and relocate to other countries.This means that Kenyan punters will no longer enjoy rewards courtesy of their preferred teams


  1. Reduced amount of tax collected by the governmentA recent Kenya Revenue Authority report indicates that betting brought in over 4 billion shillings for the year 2016. If Kenyan betting companies are overtaxed, they may cease operations and that means collective loss of crucial income streams for the government.Instead of this rather discouraging move, the Kenyan government should support the companies for they have major CSR initiatives.Kenyan punters will also opt to use alternative betting platforms and this includes online betting firms that are not be subject to local tax laws. As mentioned before, they’ll do it simply because the rewards will be higher.


  1. Sponsorship will sufferconsidering the fact that the government hasn’t done much to support sports in Kenya, if betting companies are heavily taxed, they will reduce their spend on sponsorship or abandon them all together.This means that football (FKF, KPL), basketball (BAK), rugby (KRU), motorsports (KMF), boxing and kabaddi teams and leagues, which receive millions of shillings in towards improvement and sustenance of the sport will languish in problems.With the entrance of betting firms, players and participants in these leagues have been receiving timely allowances and support. They can focus on playing better and the quality of the game has remarkably improved.

    Clubs have also had quality players from outside the country register their interest to get more involved in the local leagues.

    Remember when players used to go hungry? Those days are gone.