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All about betting in Kenya

Betting in Kenya Review

What we know as modern sports betting is a bit more defined, however, and it takes its roots in the one-time popular event of pedestrianism, which is essentially race-walking. Pedestrianism was extremely popular in early 19th century England and soon went hand-in-hand with gambling. The link with gambling became so widespread that the Amateur Athletic Association was founded in 1880 to help stop race fixing and other devious tactics designed to influence the outcome of events.

Current sports betting is more defined, however, it still takes roots in the erstwhile common event of pedestrianism which in essence was race-walking. Pedestrianism was prevalent in England in the early 19th century and rapidly went alongside with gambling.


While pedestrianism was riding a wave of momentum in Europe, it branched out to other countries in large part due to the related gambling that took place including the United States. But as history has shown us, where there is money, there are also unsavory characters, and soon pedestrianism had the integrity of modern-day professional wrestling.

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