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Generic Soft Care Baby Diapers Large


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Softcare Baby Diapers are made of cotton with a triple-layered absorbent system that quickly and evenly absorb fluid to effectively protect your baby from wetness keeping him/her skin dry a healthy. They are very light  and the sides have an extra leak protection layer to prevent those nasty little accidents. It also has 3D leak prevention layer Effectively strengthen side leak prevention. Natural soft top sheet that keeps your baby slim and comfortable.

  • Absorb: Absorbs wetness fast and traps it away from the surface for a comfortable dry feeling.
  • Fast: ADL effectively distribute liquid to all parts of the diapers, absorb fast.
  • Soft:Cloth-like cover is gentle to touch . Keeping baby’s skin drier and healthier.
  • Breathable:Breathable outer layers which rapidly absorb the moisture and keeps the surface dry.
  • Lock: Super SAP absorbs very fast and locks liquids in large quantities.

Key Features

  • massive absorb
  • long hours dryness
  • super dry blank soft


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