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Unlimited data can be quite enticing and the same time very expensive o maintain. It is therefore wise to keep watch of how much data you are using hence you avoid paying extras or have your data throttled down for the rest of your billing cycle.

From web browsing, videos streaming, social media, these and many more ate just the many ways you burn your phone’s data allowance. In an idyllic world, you wouldn’t have to micromanage any of this stuff. But we all don’t live in that world however, and there are many ways to reduce the data your phone uses.

With the right choice of apps, you can decrease how much data you use without having to reduce how much you use your phone. Let’s take a look at some of the best data saving apps for Android.

  1. Opera Max

Opera Max is a VPN (virtual private network) app that applies compression to reduce your data usage by as much as 50%. Every time one of your apps makes a connection to the internet, the connection goes via Opera’s servers. These VPN reduce any data before it downloads to your phone. It examines both mobile and Wi-Fi data, and it works with just about every app, including YouTube.

  1. Opera Browser and Opera Mini

Opera Browser has a data reduction feature called Opera Turbo. This Turbo compresses web pages, including all the content such as images and video.The Opera browser is Chromium based such that it delivers pages precisely as Chrome does but it even incorporates a few extra features that are not in Chrome.  These features include a “reflow” function that guarantees text always fits within the girth of the screen no matter how close you zoom in.

The Opera Mini compresses page content to 10% of their original size though it is very easy to lose functionality in certain sites due to this.

The benefit of using browser for data compression is that you only need to use it when you really want to save on data.

3.      Face Book Lite

Most people today use Face book, and nearly everyone use it with the official Face book app. It isn’t the most easy-going app when it comes to data use. The Face book app will continue connecting in the background and bombard your notifications for the whole day. Luckily, you do not have to settle for the certified client. Today there are a huge number of alternative face book apps worth trying.


Facebook Lite

This is an official client customized for areas where lower spec phones and very limited data plans are a routine. If you do not find Face Book lite in your locality, then you are not in the designated areas. This free app will reduce your data usage and also has an enhanced performance on less powerful devices. I recommend the Face Book Lite as it helps in saving your battery life.

4.      NetGuard – No Root Firewall

One definite way to burn your data by the installation of apps that want to regularly go online to sync and download stuff. The trouble is, it isn’t possible to know which apps are going to do this. Since Android 6.0 Marshmallow, apps have not had to explicitly request the internet permission, meaning any app can go online without you knowing.

Android offers ways to control these apps in, but they’re not especially easy to use. Nougat has a data saver that enables you to prevent apps from going online without you knowledge.

Go to Settings > Apps, select the app, then select Data usage > Restrict app background data.

This method only work to prevent background data usage and to restrict mobile data. A better option is to use Net Guard, a firewall app that gives you absolute control over which apps can access the internet and when.

It’s a valuable way of preventing apps especially things like news and weather apps from automatically syncing in the background. They’ll only update when you want them to.

5.      My Data Manager

This app lets you keep watch on all features of your phone’s data usage. Resembling the en suite Android tools, it lets you distinguish which apps are using data, and how much each is using. But it goes much further than that.

If you’re on a very limited plan, My Data Manager will help guarantee you don’t get hit by any excess charges. My Data Manager doesn’t just track mobile and Wi-Fi data usage but it also tracks roaming data use. This is usually both the most limited and the most expensive option

You don’t have to perform all of these tips, but each of them can help you stretch that data allowance. Reduce wasted data and you can use the rest for things you actually care about.

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