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How To Sambaza Safaricom Internet Bundles

Tutorial on how to sambaza Safaricom internet bundles

Internet access has a direct impact to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of any economy as World Bank statistics show that for every 10% growth in broadband access there is a 1.4% growth in GDP.  As the access to internet grows, so does the demand for more services that require internet connectivity.

As African economies are growing, the more things are done online, from shopping to communication, learning to entertainment thus making internet access a vital pillar in economic growth. Some African countries and Kenya, in particular, have in the recent past grown the internet sector with speeds even faster than first world countries.

Access in Kenya is mostly through mobile phones with more and more young people purchasing mobile devices. With this growth comes a competition of mobile service operators to win over customers. Safaricom, the biggest mobile operator in Kenya in terms of subscribers has cut a niche for itself with unique products and services. The company offers the fastest internet connectivity services as it prides itself with 4G/ LTE connectivity in major towns across the country. It is the first country in East Africa to roll out 3G internet technology so almost all of the country is covered. Continue reading How To Sambaza Safaricom Internet Bundles

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How to Activate Safaricom free bundles

Here’s how to activate Safaricom free bundles

There are several ways on how to activate Safaricom free bundles but for this post, we are going to look at two of the main methods.

Being a blaze member

activate safaricom free bundles Blaze by Safaricom is a product that was introduced a while ago by the telephone service provider.

This product mainly targets young people mostly those that are in colleges and universities.

It involves having to download the MySafaricom App on the Google plays tore or ios apple store.

Once you have downloaded this app (which is only 8m

b by the way) you have to open the app, follow the prompts and then the blaze menu will appear

Then after this, you will have to shake your phone and the offer will be available


Tap on the ignite and accept and you will receive 100mb on your phone

how to activate safaricom free budnles

Now this will happen for all the months that you will be a subscriber of the blaze offer.

Purchasing a new phone

The other way on how to activate Safaricom free bundles is by purchasing a brand new phone from the Safaricom shops that are available countrywide.

Different kinds of phones have different amounts of bundles that can be redeemed after you have purchased them.

For example, a low-end phone like the neon kicka might have something like 100mb of free bundles to activate and redeem.

While a high-end phone like the Samsung galaxy note might have like the 8gb worth of free Safaricom bundles to activate.

Now after you have purchased this brand new phone you have to text the IMEI number of the phone to 440

You will get a message telling you that you have successfully activated your free Safaricom bundles.

So there you go, those are the two ways for you to be able to activate your free Safaricom bundles.

Just in case you are unable to get your free Safaricom bundles in any of these two ways even after you fulfilled the above then you will have to call the customer care number, which is, 100 to get assisted.

Though it is always engaged during the day, you can try during late at night and get your freebundles activated by Safaricom.

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Home internet plans for Telkom Kenya Review

Review for Telkom Kenya Home 4G Internet Plans

telkom home internet plansTelephone company Orange recently rebranded to become Telkom Kenya.

With this rebranding came with many amazing offers. One of the offers included Internet plans.

One of the offers included Internet plans.

Let us look at what this home internet plans entail.

The first thing to note is that you must produce your original identity card so as to be registered. Without one then you will not get this offer.

I think this is to avoid locking users who might want to take up multiple offers, thus locking others out.

This offer is currently only on 4G and which has covered the following areas.: Nairobi, Coast, Rift Valley, Nyanza and Western.

And again this law was passed some years back required for one to produce an original ID before a sim card is purchased.

Once you are registered, you will be provided with

  • A Telkom 4G Router which will cost Kshs. 9,999
  • 4G sim card
  • Free 10GB data for one month

However, if you are an existing customer, you just have to subscribe to this offer.

If you are using a mobile phone then dial *222#

Otherwise, you can visit their link here to get started.

If you have any unused bundles and the month has ended, then it will not be rolled over to the following month.

If the data gets used up before the end of the month, then browsing will be charged at Kshs. 2 per MB

Here are their monthly plans

Price(Ksh)GBRate per MBValidity
4993GBKsh 0.177
99910GBKsh 0.107
9995GBKsh 0.2030
149910GBKsh 0.1530
199920GBKsh 0.1030
299935GBKsh 0.0930
5999100GBKsh 0.0690


To check your data balance, then dial *222# and then select 1.

Another thing to note is that you cannot use your usual Telkom Number to subscribe to this service. But you will have to get a home data number.