Jumia Kenya Black Friday 2017 Offers

Here is the Jumia Kenya Black Friday 2017 Sale

Black Friday is a United States of America event that usually occurs after the Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is a celebrated event that dates back to the 16th Century.

Native Americans set this date to come together and give thanks for many things among them including fertility of their fields, their survival, and their faith as well. The most well-known thanksgiving event was that of the year 1621 where natives of Massachusetts gave thanks for a whopping three days.

It was until the year 1789 that President George Washington declared that the official Thanksgiving day to be the last Thursday of November of each year.

Since then this has been the date that this event is celebrated worldwide. It’s also important to note that the date of Thanksgiving celebration for the United States is different from the one of Canada. The one of Canada always comes a month and two weeks earlier than the one of America.

And why is the turkey a symbol of any Thanksgiving event?

The main reason for this is that back then the turkey or batamzinga as it is locally referred to be considered a very expensive item and therefore having to feast on one during the event was seen to be a very big achievement.

Jumia Black Friday deals

 Now, what happened after the Thanksgiving event is what is known as the Black Friday Event. The Black Friday is when stores decided to offer huge discounts on most of the items that they are selling. Most of the items on their store are usually on sale on this date.

jumia kenya black friday 2017

Locally Jumia Online store in Kenya will have its black Friday deals done on the 25th of November 2017. Remember this is not the first time that they are holding their Jumia Kenya Black Friday 2017 offers.

The first event was successful and was held in the year 2014, and since then there has been no stopping until now. Jumia store is an online store that has branches in seven African countries which include

  • Kenya
  • Cameroon
  • Ghana
  • Egypt
  • Morocco
  • Ivory Coast
  • Nigeria

Since it started giving black Friday offers there has been a huge increase in their sales as most of their items always end up being sold out on the next event.

This year’s Jumia Kenya Black Friday 2017 offers

And they now announced this year that they will start it earlier this year in order to allow shoppers to shop for more items on their online store. So for this year this event will start on the 13th of November and will run for one month, yeah you heard that right one whole month to the 13th of December 2017. So remember that you do not have to wait for the last day to make your purchase as you can do it earlier with much ease. And you can either pick the products from their offices or have them delivered to wherever you are countrywide.

The other thing is that more and more categories of products have been added from the ones of last year with up to discounts of 65% and now all the categories with discounts are

  • Consumer goods and diapers – up to 50 % off
  • Electronics – up to 50 % off
  • Fashion – up to 50 % off
  • Home appliances – up to 60 % off
  • Sports and fitness – up to 65 % off
  • Kids and toys – up to 50 % off

Jumia kenya black friday festival
And the brands that have been partnered with to bring you this amazing offer include the following

  • Pampers
  • Innjoo
  • Infinix
  • Binatone
  • Eazzypay
  • BabyShop
  • Ramtons
  • Bata
  • Titan
  • Canon
  • Nikon
  • Skyland
  • Teqworld
  • Hisense
  • Hp
  • Microsoft
  • Durex
  • Dettol
  • Maybelline
  • G4S
  • Aramex
  • Posta

This is the Calendar to mark for the daily black Friday Deals at Jumia Kenya

amazing jumia kenya black friday 2017 offers



Another thing is that it is not a must that you visit your website so as to get these amazing deals. You can do this by using your phone and get the products delivered wherever you are. Just install using the link below to get started.



Please note that this is an android and ios platform and therefore windows and blackberry devices will not work.

Now let’s take a look at some of the specific crazy offers that will be available on Jumia starting on the 14th of November 2017.


  • Pampers baby dry jumbo maxi (3pack) pampers– this is a baby diaper that is used for babies that have a weight of 7 kg to 18 kg. Now when you buy this product, that is brand renown in the whole country, you will also get three free wipers. Isn’t that amazing considering that on any store that you visit countrywide 1 baby wipe goes for Kshs. 200 and above. Now for those who have families, a saving of Kshs. 600 can ensure you get a meal for a whole family that is for one day. And now this product is selling at Kshs. 4,725 but on the Jumia Black Friday, You will get it at a discount of 50% and save Kshs. 2,363. So in total, you will have saved Kshs. 2,963. Can you believe that deal? Well, you just have to click here and sign up now then mark your calendar.


  • Body Sculpture magnetic Bikebody-sculpture-magnetic-bikeFor those of you who love to exercise in the house, this is for you. It ensures that you get that body tone that you have been yearning. So instead of jogging outdoors at 5 am in the morning which might be risky for some neighborhoods, why not buy yourself this body sculpture magnetic bike and jog from inside the house. Now the current price of this product is Kshs. 17,000. But from Monday the 14th it will reduce by 65% meaning that you will get it for only Kshs. 5,950. That is a month’s subscription to the gym. All you have to do is click here and register then for the 19th of November when there will be the offer for Sports and fitness.


  • Hp Envy laptop Touchscreen hp-4952-168422-1-zoom– most if not all of us require a laptop for our day to day activities. This Hp laptop has many great features that will suit most of the people.it comes with windows 8 and 6 GB ram. Those specs are enough to perform most tasks, be it entertainment, gaming or work. Now currently this laptop goes for Kshs. 65,999 but on the 22nd of November during the Jumia Black Friday Sale, you will get it at 25% discount. That means you will get it at Kshs. 49,499. Can you imagine that? Stop imagining buy it now

These are just a few of the offers that are available.

Make sure that you do not miss this year’s Jumia Kenya Black Friday 2017 amazing offers because once you miss this year then you will have to wait until next year for another offer to come by.

Many of the Jumia’s offers are really hard to resist and work just like stock clearance. So make sure your order early enough.

There are lots and lots of deals that are available and you have 12 days to make your purchase. Remember its first come first served.
So hurry and make your order now.

There are lots and lots of offers available

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Jumia Kenya Black Friday offers
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