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Lenovo P2 2017 Review

Lenovo P2 2017 Review

Are you looking for a high-spec budget phone, then the Lenovo P2 is just the phone for you. It encompasses everything you’d imagine to see in a mid-range phone but we’re incessantly surprised by how relatively affordable it is. It is designed luxuriously such that it can be compared with other high-end devices in the market. The Lenovo’s P2 1080p display is also another element that stands about this phone. At the same time, its large size makes it perfect if consume a lot of media on the move.  The Lenovo P2 offers implausible battery life. If you’re looking for a phone that lasts over two days, the Lenovo P2 is for you.

The Lenovo P2 has a full metal unibody, and it’s got more than just good looks. It has rounded corners therefore, you do not feel the sharp edges on your palm. It is a larger phone, therefore, people with smaller hands may find it hard to reach some parts of the phone, but if one is used to larger phones, then it is easier for them.

You will find a home button beneath the screen, with an integral fingerprint scanner. It works swiftly and is in a good place to tap when waking the phone. The fingerprint scanner is an added feature you won’t always get at this price point.

The volume and power button are on the rightside  border, and are easy to reach when you have the phone in your hand. On the left edge is a switch which activates the power saver mode. It’s a handy feature if you constantly want to save on battery life.

The Lenovo P2 features a bright 5.5-inch Full HD AMOLED display. It is very bright and vivid.  A very good color range for watching videos, watching movies, or playing games.

The Lenovo P2 comes with Android 6 Marshmallow. It also comes with an attractive and simple to use Lenovo software. It also has a Micro SD slot that supports up to 256 GB.

There is a speaker grille at the bottom of the phone that plays OK audio. For those who prefer wired headsets, then there is a 3.5mm headphone jack. As for wireless audio, the Lenovo comes fitted with Bluetooth where you connect Bluetooth headsets.

The Lenovo P2 works well for movies, as it boasts the audio options listed above as well as a Full HD 5.5-inch screen to watch your videos on.

There are three versions of the Lenovo P2, two with 4GB of RAM and either 32GB or 64GB of storage and another with only 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

The most conspicuous feature the Lenovo P2 is its battery life you will be bowled over by how long this phone can last on a single charge.  It can last two days with medium to heavy usage. But that’s still a big jump up from most other devices out there. Most smartphones will only last you one day, and some won’t even be capable of doing that with heavy usage. there is also a fast charging mode on the Lenovo P2, which allows you to pump more battery into the phone quickly, but you’ll need to make sure you’re using the charger included in the box.

Do not worry about your phone dying; the Lenovo P2 also comes with an Ultimate Power Saver mode. Just flick up a side button to activate the mode and it will extend your battery life by turning off some of the phone’s features. With this mode enabled the Lenovo P2 should last over 100 hours just on a single charge.

The P2 features a 13MP rear sensor, which is a bit lower but it still does well. The selfie camera on the Lenovo P2 will take a good shot, but won’t provide you with the best photography you’ve ever seen from a front-facing shooter. It has a 5MP lens, which is typical for this level of phone, and it can shoot video in 1080p.

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