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LG Watch Style and Sport Review

LG Watch Style and Sport Review

The LG Watch is an Android Wear-based Smart Watch announced and launched by LG. This smartwatch runs on Android, which features a notification system based on Google technology. This technology enables it to receive spoken commands from its user.

This Sports watch packs almost every means of communication found on a Smartphone.LTE, NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Long-Term Evolution (LTE) gives the smartwatch access to the internet; therefore all your emails will arrive as soon as they are sent.

Near-field communication (NFC) supports Android pay and therefore when you have the LG watch, and you do not have your wallet, you can walk into store, tap and go.

Global Positioning System (GPS) lets you access Google Maps and run tracking whereas the Bluetooth paired with a set of headphones comes in handy for some music on the go.

The LG Watch is packed with lots of new software, too. Android Wear 2.0 has seen an immense refurbishing with an all-new UI and a new app development strategy. Some of this software includes an on-watch Google Play app store, the Google Assistant, a refurbished Google Fit, and even a minute QWERTY keyboard that works amazingly well.

The LG Watch has a 1.38-inch Gorilla Glass 3. Inside is a quad-core 1.1GHz Snapdragon Wear 2100 with 768MB of RAM, 4GB hard disk, and a 430mAh battery. It’s a full-size, bulky sports watch with a steel body and a permanently attached rubber-plastic watch band. The band is not supposed to come off, since it contains the transmitters for LTE, Wi-Fi, and the other radios.

Consequently, the band isn’t entirely flexible; the first inch of the band on each side is rigid. There is no actual hinge connecting the band to the watch, and the rigid band only starts flexing after the antenna section. It might not fit as snugly on smaller wrists as you would expect.

The back of the LG watch is detachable. With the backoff, you’ll also see the rubber seal around the perimeter of the opening, which is good for an IP68 dust and water entrance rating.

The charger looks just like the Moto 360 charger. In addition, you get a little stand that the watch can sit in, which wirelessly charges the device and turns it into a desk clock.

Smartwatches excel in many things such as Checking the weather, Alarms, keeps up with all your gym workouts, smart enough to make calls and it runs on the Android Wear 2.0. The best I can say about them is they make life easier a few milliseconds at a time.

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