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Jumia Kenya Black Friday 2017 Offers

Here is the Jumia Kenya Black Friday 2017 Sale

Black Friday is a United States of America event that usually occurs after the Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is a celebrated event that dates back to the 16th Century.

Native Americans set this date to come together and give thanks for many things among them including fertility of their fields, their survival, and their faith as well. The most well-known thanksgiving event was that of the year 1621 where natives of Massachusetts gave thanks for a whopping three days.

It was until the year 1789 that President George Washington declared that the official Thanksgiving day to be the last Thursday of November of each year.

Since then this has been the date that this event is celebrated worldwide. It’s also important to note that the date of Thanksgiving celebration for the United States is different from the one of Canada. The one of Canada always comes a month and two weeks earlier than the one of America. Continue reading Jumia Kenya Black Friday 2017 Offers

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Jumia Kenya Online Shopping Review

Jumia Kenya Online Shopping Review

jumia market kenya

Review of Jumia Online marketplace

Jumia Kenya online is one the pioneers shops for online market and shopping.  Jumia Kenya offers a large variety of Kenyan consumer products at a discounted price. Jumia market was established early 2013. One the main aims for the founding of Jumia Kenya Online Market was to bring together buyers and sellers from all across the nation to make immense deals on an extensive range of products.

At Jumia market, they do their best to guarantee their customers excellent services. Their services range from the first-class electronics, books, men’s and women’s fashion, mobile phones, laptops and computers, automobile, groceries and more which we deliver promptly to you since they want their customers to be always at ease and enjoy shop online.  Other items offered in their online shop are the kanga and ketenge which are special clothing for the modern traditional men and women who still want to identify with the Kenyan culture.

Jumia Market makes online shopping enjoyable with latest arrivals as well as discounts on a wide selection of items. To enjoy the best deals and prices on a range of quality products, they encourage their customers to join in the deals of the day.  You can depend on Jumia Market Kenya for that original, trendy and new look fashion.

Here are some of the top ten reasons why you should shop at Jumia Kenya online shopping


  1. Convenience at Jumia Kenya online shopping they believe convenience is the most profound perk. Where else can you be able to shop during the wee hours of the night in your nightie?  At Jumia online shopping there is no queue to wait in, there are no shop attendants to wait on to assist you with your purchases, and above all you can carry out your shopping in minutes.  Jumia online shopping gives you the opportunity to shop 24/7 /365.
  2. Better prices. Cheap and pocket friendly deals are available at Jumia online shopping. The cheap deals are as a result of the elimination of the middlemen and thus the products come to you directly from the manufacturer or the seller.
  3. More variety. At Jumia online market they have amazing choices to choose from. As a customer you will hundreds of brand products, goods and services in all one place. At Jumia you will get laptops, computers, phones, tablets and electronics without spending money to visit many different shops countrywide. At Jumia Kenya they accept orders for items which are out of stock and ship them when the stock is available.
  4. Fewer expenses. Many a times when shoppers decide on for convectional shopping, they tend to spend more than they had planned for. When you shop at Jumia Kenya online, they will ensure that you spend what you had planned for initially or even less than that.
  5. Price comparisons. Research and comparisons of products and services online is much easier. At Jumia Kenya online, they always share information and appraisals with other shoppers who have had firsthand experience with our products or services.
  6. No crowds. If you hate crowds when shopping, then Jumia Kenya online is the place for you. It tends to be hectic during the festivals or special events. All these can be avoided only if you shop at Jumia Kenya online.
  7. Less compulsive shopping. Most of the times when we go out shopping we tend buying things compulsively, and these things are mostly things that we do not need. These can happen of the one on one contact with the shopkeeper who pressure us and end up compelling us to buy the products.
  8. Buying old or unused items at lower prices. At Jumia Kenya online shopping market, they make it much easier for you to buy and sell items at rock bottom prices.
  9. Discreet purchases made easier. Some things are better done in the privacy of your home. At Jumia online shopping Kenya, they are best for discreet purchases for items such as lingerie, wedding gowns , engagement rings and so on. This kind of shopping enables one to purchase undergarments without embarrassment or paranoia of people watching.

Things to remember when buying from Online

When making a purchase or order online, make sure you check out the following:

  • Does the online store value your privacy and confidentiality? Is their privacy policy available to read if you want to see it?
  • How long have they been in business? Are they reputed in business with great reviews from customers?
  • Does the online store have a way to contact them?
  • If you’re unhappy with your purchase, do they have a refund policy?

If you take care of the above, online shopping can be a very gratifying experience because of its numerous benefits.

How to shop at Jumia Kenya

Shopping on Jumia is as easy as a,b,c..Once you are ready to shop, you will follow an 8 step guide.

An example of making an order for a pair of men’s shoes on Jumia Shopping Market.

Step 1

Search the product through

From their very wide range of men’s shoe, search the shoe that you want to buy.

Step 2

Scroll through the list of items and pick the product that you want.

Scroll through all the many pair of shoes and pick the one that you want.

Step 3

Select the colour and size if need be

Once you’ve decide on the type of shoe that you want, there is a place where you select colour and size. Once you’ve selected the above, click on buy now.  The selected item will be added to the cart.

Step 4

Confirm shopping cart

Here you will confirm the list of items that you have shopped on your cart, then you will click the check out button.

Step 5

If you are a new customer, you will be requested to enter your email and then sign up with us. If you are an existing member, just type you email and password and you are good to go. Now you can also log in with your face book account.  After filling all the details click on proceed, save and continue.

Step 6

Shipping address

Select your shipping address or your pick up location. After this, save and proceed to the next step.

If you have made an order of a single item it may be delivered in 2 – 8 Business days at your doorstep for KSh 300

Step 7

Choose your payment method and fill in the payment details.

You can choose from a number of payment styles.

  • EazzyPay| MPesa
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Airtel Money
  • KCB Mobile banking

Click on “Confirm Order” below to view the steps

please note:

– Be sure to pay the precise amount for your items. Do not overpay or underpay.

– Be sure to input your confirmation code number properly in the space provided, followed by accepting terms and conditions and then finally pay merchant.

If you do not see the Cash on Delivery option, it could be because:

  • You live in an area with high volume

2) Your order is below KSH 1000 -> add another item to unlock Cash on Delivery

3) Your order is above KSH 50,000, which is a security requirement

4) You have ordered a Large item

You must agree to the terms and conditions of sale

  1. Click on confirm order

After clicking on the confirm order you will get an automated thank you note and your order number

A Jumia customer care agent will call you if need be.  This happens when we need to confirm any info regarding one’s purchase.  If not, your order will be automatically confirmed.

Otherwise, your order will be automatically confirmed.


Save Money

Be on point this year with new products and offers from Jumia Market. Make your home with the best home appliances from Sony Panasonic, Toshiba, Samsung and LG. Also get the latest mobile phones from top brands like   HTC , infinix, Techno, Innjoo and  Samsung  at no  hassle as you take pleasure in timely home delivery service.

Jumia Kenya also offers the most up-to-date mobile phones in Kenya at very cheap prices such as the Infinix Hot 2, Infinix Hot 3, Max 2 & Max 2 plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 Innjoo, Tecno C8, and the latest Blackberry Priv. There is also the X-Tigi Vision 6 which is also quite popular in the Country.

When it comes to buying cheap laptops in Kenya it is best to review the different models online hence you ought to visit their online shop. They are the one stop shop for all your computing needs.

Jumia Kenya online shop makes your shopping experience easier and convenient, and since this is a vital purchase you need to shop where you can get quality products and a money back guarantee.

Jumia Kenya online shop has reasonably priced  laptops and it is now  easier to own a laptop for home use or a  portable laptop for use on the go, be it you go you are going to work or you are a student going college.

Searching online for cheap and affordable laptop can be overwhelming and confusing. It is therefore important to take your time and search through and through until you come up with the best solution.

At Jumia Kenya they know that you need a laptop to browse the web, read your mails, and even browse the social media pages.

All these can be achieved when you get yourself a mini laptop which you can find at low prices on our site.

Others might need computers or laptops for entertainment purposes, then you need a laptop with a much bigger storage capacity and a big screen will come in handy.

They also have a wide range of the latest laptop modes including Lenovo laptops, Toshiba, Samsung and dell laptops.

At Jumia Kenya they are aware how laptops are important in this digital era. You can browse their website and have a look at the wide variety of Jumia cheap laptops from different makes, colours and even designs that suits your taste and your needs.

Once you are sure on what laptop you want to purchase. Log on to the their online shop and make an order. Your laptop will be shipped to you at a small fee and once delivered it is when you make payment.


At Jumia they guarantee to offer you with the best shopping experience at every step of the way. We assure you that all due safety measures are taken so that your package is conveyed to you in one piece and on time by our delivery partner. Just make with your order and we’ll do the rest.

Tracking my order

You can track your order in two ways:
Click on the ‘track your order’ link given in your order confirmation email, or
Enter your order number on this page

  1. It is worth noting that making payment means accepting the delivery. Therefore, it is not possible to open products bearing a manufacturer’s seal, reject and send them back with the same driver.

Jumia Mini laptops 

Jumia online market is the best place to come to find useful and cost friendly mini laptops.   It is at Jumia online market that you can read the good number of in-depth reviews, ratings and feedback from people who have bought and used Jumia mini laptops.

They have authentic and real consumer appraisals and reviews of the diverse brands of mini laptops; including mini note books laptops reviews, 10.1 laptop sleeve reviews and many more. The reviews will help you in making the best decisions on what model to purchase.

Shipment of Jumia mini laptops

The standard delivery timeline is between 1-6 days. Immediately after your order is dispatched from our depot, you will obtain an email to confirm that your package is on its way.

You will also be notified by our dispatch personnel on the day of delivery. They offer door to door delivery services because their core goal is convenience. The charges for shipment are based on your order weight and your shipping address. On the day of delivery

The dispatch personnel will call you before making the delivery. If it happens that you are not able to receive your ordered product, a re-delivery will be scheduled in the next three days.  It is also worth noting that, a delivery will be cancelled after 3 re-delivery attempts.

Payment for Jumia mini laptops

For your convenience, Jumia online shop offers the best payment plans for your newly acquired mini laptop. At the moment, they are using the following modes of payment.

  • Mpesa and Airtel money
  • Credit cards
  • Payment by cash on delivery

Once they have received your payment you will receive a confirmation of your order by email.

There are tablets as tablets like the iconixc 202 kids tablet and the iconix c703 tablet

Hisense TVs sold at jumia kenya

In the last few years, Tvs have been getting bigger and better. At Jumia Kenya they know it  gets quiet difficult to understand the changes that are happening. It is smart Tv. A smart tv, is a tv that has integrated internet capabilities.

This is to mean that the Hisense Tv can be used to watch tv on the screen, it is also a DVD and music player and is capable of performing numerous tasks just like a real computer.

How to connect Hisense TV from Jumia Kenya

For the Hisense TV to work properly, you will need to connect it to the internet. The tv will connect wirelessly to your home Wi-Fi. To do this, go to the settings menu and select mirroring tab. Wait until the screen says: Wi-Fi enabled” and now you will be able to access your social sites.

An integrated camera is added advantage since you can be to Skype or video chat with your friends. If your TV does not come with the integrated camera, you can easily log on to Jumia and buy Hisense. This TV allows you to visit any site thanks to the keyboard and your remote control.

But also be very careful as not all TVs have the same features.

The TVs are in different colours but the most common is black and the prices range with the size

The maximum you can pay for the Hisense tv at jumia Kenya is Kshs100,000.


Infinix have taken Kenyans by storm. It is also becoming one of Kenya’s leading Smartphone brand. Apparently this is because the Infinix mobile phones offer high end specs and are affordable at reasonably low prices. In early 2016 infinix mobile launched several latest models of Smartphones in Kenya.

In March there was the Hot 3, come July the Infinix Hot S was launched. They did not stop there, in August; Infinix mobility launched two Smartphones consequently, the Infinix Hot 4 and the Infinix Note 3. As the year was coming to a close, they unleashed the Infinix mobility launched the Infinix 4 in November.

At Jumia Kenya they anticipate to see more Infinix Phones in Kenya in 2017.

They have the updated list of the Infinix phones alongside with their key specifications and prices. You can log onto our website and feel free to order for your phone which you can pay once it has been delivered.

They also encourage our customers to order for their Infinix phones online because of the numerous advantages that comes with online shopping

  • It is convenient; therefore one can make an order from the comfort of their home or office 7 days a week.
  • Relatively low prices and discounts are offered online on Infinix phones.
  • They ensure you do not go all the way to shops or local stores to get the Infinix Smartphone’s, therefore, fewer expenses.
  • One can easily compare prices of the Infinix phones and sure enough you will end up with a great deal.

Jumia Kenya sells genuine original Infinix Smart phones that have two years guarantee

Batteries are also available like the bl-20fx battery

Infinix Phones Price List

Here below is an updated list (updated weekly) of Infinix Phones in Kenya. Also Jumia Kenya has added the key features and price of each phone. Visit Jumia Kenya for the most original and genuine Infinix phones.

Best infinix phones

Infinix Hot S (X521)

Infinix has insisted on integrating a fingerprint scanner in Infinix Hot S prompting it to be the first in the Infinix array to feature a fingerprint sensor. The Infinix Hot S is also going to carry along first-class features to make it worth your money.

The Hot S will have a display in a 5.2 inches Full HD screen. The screen has no protection from falls and scratches, therefore a screen protector is a must buy.

The Infinix Hot S (X521) has an internal storage of 16GB for the 2GB RAM version and 32GB for the 3GB RAM version, the storage space can be further expanded to 128GB with a micro SD card if you have need of more space.

The Hot S is set to operate on android 6.0 marshmallows.

The Hot S X521 is powered by an Octa-core CPU that clocks with the speed of 1.5 GHz.

For taking pictures, the Hot S was given a 13 mega pixels camera that also came with a twin LED flashlight to make sure you get brighter images even in dark conditions; the camera is positioned just above the finger print scanner.

The Infinix Hot S (X521) is fitted with a 8 mega pixels front camera for selfie lovers; the camera is also fitted with a single LED flashlight.

The Infinix Hot S is dual SIM enabled and supports 4G network connectivity opportunity, it is available in 4 colour variants; Space gray, Silver, light blue and Rose gold.

In the power bank, you’ll find a 3,000 mAh of battery capacity.

Other than having the finger-scan technology, the phone will also feature virtual reality (VR) skill; the Infinix Hot S will also feature apps like Movie Magic that enables you to stream videos directly.

You can buy the Infinxi Hot S at Jumia online Market at very discounted prices.

Infinix Hot 3

Infinix Hot 3 is that kind of phone that you expect to see outside the shop in every pair of hands.  At Jumia Kenya they believe that this is solely because it offers the best combination of features.  There is practically no other phone that compares to its overall features in space.

The infinix Hot 3 is made from smooth plastic, though the material is plastic it not that flimsy. It also comes with a curved back and the cover can be removed. This one of the many aspects that made me fall in love with the Infinix Hot 3. The 3000 mAh battery is also removable.

The fact that you can remove the battery definitely means you can also replace the battery once it wears out. If you are looking for a cheap and durable phone, then you should take note of the Infinix Hot 3.

The Inifinix Hot 3 is also a phablet that supports dual SIM functionality plus a memory card slot which are located just above the battery at the back of the phone. From the way they are placed, you have to remove the battery first for you to access the memory card slots.

At the topmost back part of the Infinix Hot 3, you fill find the 8 megapixel camera and a LED flash that caters for all your photography needs. If you are a selfie lover, the frontal 2 megapixel camera can be a disappointment. I would suggest turning your phone around to take your selfies with the hind camera.

Another spec I love about the Inifnix Hot 3 is the 16 GB internal memory and the 1 GB RAM. Also the memory card slot can accommodate 32 GB additional expandable storage.

You can buy the Infinix Hot 3 at Jumia Kenya or jumia online shopping phones where it is Retailing at Kshs 9799/-


Infinix Zero 3

Infinix Zero 3 is one of the most preferred phablet if you are looking to make a fashion statement. The zero series from Infinix started as mid range price phone prior to changing subsequently to fit into the budget category of course without lowering the bar. As a matter of fact, the bar has kept on rising.

The Infinix Zero 3 comprises of angled corners and slanted edges, this makes it achieve chocolate bar design. The rear camera that is located at the far end left corner is shaped like a cubed piece of chocolate that one can easily break off with their teeth.

Eventually, you will discover that the principal selling point of the Infinix Zero 3 is its camera competence among other specs.

The Infinix Zero 3 has about a 1080p resolution with a pixel density of 401 ppi. Having the aforementioned pixels, a reinforced steel fabric made of Corning Glass 3 and a sharp pin like resolutions, the phablet is poised to be trending in Kenya. This provides a superb platform for enjoying movies, gaming and online streaming.

The phablet comes with a dual SIM capability and a memory slot. Supports 3G internet connectivity and it runs on Android 5.1.

You can find the Infinix Zero 3 at jumia online shopping phones at Ksh 19,699/-


Infinix Hot 2 X510

The Infinix Hot 2 is evidently a unique budget smart phone. This is one of the first Google phones that were fitted with an Android One Operating System skeleton. This simply means that the phone’s Operating System can be upgraded to the latest Android OS as soon as it is released.

Even though it is a budget phone, the Infinix Hot 2 has come to find itself in uncharted waters as it is competing with others phones that over Kshs 20,000 up to about Kshs 40,000. The Infinix Hot 2 was created for the developing market and it is targeted at to the African population. You can find the Infinix Hot 2 exclusively on Jumia Online stores.

The infinix Hot 2 comes with the hottest Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update but can be upgraded to Android 6.0 as soon as it is released. The overall measure of this Smartphone is 145*71.9*8.8 mm.

The Infinix Hot 2 handles software upgrades easily because of its hardware mechanism that have been carefully selected to meet the maximum threshold possible for such an affordable device.

The Hot 2 has an internal memory of 16GB which I consider very impressive.  The micro SD can be expanded to 32 GB that can be installed as exterior storage.

The storage space provided is enough to hold many of your multimedia files particularly photos and videos. The hind camera which is also the primary camera has its own flash and it is an 8 megapixel. The front camera has a 2 megapixel sensor ideal for taking selfies and video calls.


A disadvantageous aspect, the Infinix Hot 2 is not 4G enabled; consequently you should be prepared to deal with 3G speeds for surfing the net. On the other hand, you could still use wi-fi network and easily have access your favorite online sites. The Infinix Hot 2 also features a dual SIM card slot which enables you to use two lines at the same time.

Above mentioned, are more than enough causes to upgrade now!

Buy your Infinix Hot 2 from Jumia online shopping phones Kenya at 7599/-

Infinix Zero 2 X509

Introducing the next hero from Infinix, The Infinix Zero 2 X509. This smart phone was launched in the late 2014.

To get a sense of what this innovative phone is offering, let us dig down to the specs starting from the front working around to the back in no picky order.

The display is 5 inches in size for a smart phone which also measures an impressive 6.7 mm on the sides. Both the front and the rear are designed to be entirely flat in this chocolate- bar shaped device. To further add momentum to the phone that has gone into the form factor, its weight has been kept low at 118 grams.

The resolution on the display is 720p. This guarantees to deliver high quality graphics bearing in mind the strong pixel population of 294 ppi. In addition, there’s the resistant 0.55 mm layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to act as a protection against damage.

As opposed to the tough glass back of last year’s replica the latest Infinix Zero 2 X509’s rear has been made even stronger. It has been formed from Kevlar, an artificial fiber that is said to stand five times more strain than steel.

It is the kind of stuff whose other application consists of manufacturing body shield like combat helmets and ballistic vests. Smartphone manufacturers predominantly prefer it for the reason that it does not hinder with signal broadcast.

Infinix Zero 2 X509 operates on Android 4.4.2 which is a key drawback for a smart phone that is beginning halfway through the year 2015 when everyone else is moving to Android 5.0 Lollipop.

This is a double SIM device and the slots are placed inside a retractable tray on the left hand side. The memory card tray is easily located on the right hand side, on top of the volume rocker and the power button. Both trays will need you to use a pin to draw them out. Fortunately, it is part of the package.

The powerful processor MTK6592 2.0 GHz octa- core chip of 2GB of RAM. This will deliver great satisfaction when indulging in gaming, streaming and multimedia screening.

The prime camera is a 13 megapixel shooter with LED while the minor snapper at the front has an 85- degree wide angle lens for immense group selfies. Since normal storage is 32GB, there will is plenty of room to store the pictures away for review.

Order yourself an infinix Zero 2 X509 from Jumia online shopping phones at Ksh 19,999/-

Infinix Hot X507

If you are looking to buy an Infinix Smartphone, now is a good time to get yourself one. Thanks to the partnership between Infinix and Jumia. The Infinix Hot Note X551 is another of the many discounted Smart phones which offers quality performance at pocket friendly prices.

This is fundamentally an improved version of the Infinix Hot X507. Why would you buy the Infinix Zero X509?

  • A HD display
  • More processing power
  • Twice battery capacity

The Infinix X507 is available in a range of trendy colours for diversity and uniqueness. The smooth brushed metal finish gives its body a stylish look, though it is just plastic. The slim body and its curvy edges provide good ergonomics for the handset.

Jumia Online shopping phones guarantee that the  Infinix Hot note is moderately powerful hence high performance for gaming and apps is expected from the phablet.

One noticeable flaw that might hold back a lot of customers is the 1GB of RAM which confines the number of running apps in the background. Onboard storage space is set at 16GB which is really quite a good deal for any smart phone costing fewer than 10,000 shillings.


Jumia women’s fashion

Are you looking for the preeminent outfit so you can dress to impress during that dinner date, wedding occasions, or that long for job interview?

Jumia Kenya has up to the minute fashion clothing which includes  lingerie’s, Maxi Dresses for women, skirts, bras, women’s leggings, tops , pencil skirts, trousers, shoes, perfumes , accessories and so on and on. All these you can find under one online shop.

They have the largest selection of women’s fashion, accessories and shoes that meet the needs of the modern Kenyan woman regardless of their style or size.


They have made made women’s’ shopping very easy. You can shop from the comfort of their home. Just make a few clicks and your outfit will be delivered to your house.

Jumia Women’s fashion has been made possible by their partnership with various companies like Forever Young , Amaiya Elegance, Fashion Sprout, Bossini ,Lars ,Karansecret, Fancy apparel, Jamvat Fashion to name but a few.

Jumia women’s fashion caters needs for all types of women sizes. From medium, large, extra large and plus size. Jumia women fashion prices range 999- 15,000/- Fashion colour is all round;  they have all the colours, and different designs.

They have stocked all kinds of shoes from prominent shoe companies and shoe designers. Jumia Kenya in partnership with Bata, Val collection, Lolita, Tomy Takkes  Zuri sana and many more has ensured that we never lack any shoes for our clients for any occasions or event.

The shoes are available in a wide variety and you can never luck any show for any size of feet. From multicolor, to off white and plain, you will surely get whichever colour you want.

Jumia Kenya Skirts

You can order your skirts from Jumia after reviewing the following designers.



Jumia Kenya Dresses    

At Jumia Kenya you will find a wide collection of fashionable dresses to suit every woman’s taste. From the most trendy conscious lady to customers who love the newest fashion in every size, shape and style. From the Caribbean dresses to off the off shoulder, tunic dresses paired with a nice shoe to complete that classy look.

Stay on point with Jumia Kenya latest collection of celebrity inspired women dresses. Shop everything from Bodycorn Demin dress, Dakshi dress, sleeveless bodycon, off shoulder mini dress, women office dresses, Amachic spandex long dress and so on.

Jumia Kenya dresses  colour and print combination  are off the hook; including black, white, red, green dresses and more, in monochrome stripes, deluxe suede and bold flower-patterned to name a few are a  must have and a great addition to your wardrobe collection.

Chiffon tops on Jumia

Where to Buy Women’s Blouses Online

Discover chic chiffon for ladies on Jumia Kenya. The chiffon tops have details that will make you stand out from the crowd; the chiffon tops come in different colors that will allow you pair with different kinds of shoes and accessories in your wardrobe. The sleeves of the chiffon tops  and string detail makes it elegant and chic; they will surely be a perfect count to your closet.

The styling and details of these chiffon tops makes it appropriate for all kinds of occasion and events. Chiffon tops from Jumia  Kenya are easy and you won’t find a hard time pairing it with the right pants, skirts, denim and more. These chiffon tops are made from different materials ranging from polyester, chiffon, peplum, cotton & more. The material is lightweight & breathable, and you will be able to wear it under any weather condition.

The string detail of the chiffon tops from Jumia makes them very exquisite. Buy Chiffon blouses online at the best prices in Kenya. Chiffon tops from Jumia are definitely the perfect clothing for your active lifestyle. With the different types of chiffon available on our website, they will make you look simple, stylish and exquisite.

Trendy tops on Jumia

You can trust Jumia Kenya with lovely tops that are versatile and highly fashionable tops which can be paired up in a number of ways to create a distinctive look.

The good thing about the tops from Jumia Kenya is that they can be used to create numerous fashion looks. Pairing it with fitted skinny jeans will give a retro look while you can add a contemporary twist to your overall look by matching it with leggings.

Buy tops for work and school online at the best prices online at Jumia Kenya

Order tops on Jumia Kenya and enjoy not only originality but also that feminine touch to your look. Accessorizing with a belt can help give you an even slim and stylish appearance. The simple and elegant style of the tops available online makes for a great addition to your fashion collection.

This timeless Jumia  Kenya tops will allow you easy transition from work to play. When you need to hang out with friends after work, these tops will help you make a remarkable fashion statement anytime you wear it.

jumia shoes


Find the right fit shoes and the perfect for your budget, colour to match your dress in our shoes galore. Jumia brings thousands of shoes from those fancy Pumps to those sandals you always love.

Buy the best women shoes online At Jumia Kenya.  All ladies love their shoes and they also have good reasons to love them.  Shoes are the most important women accessories that can break or make a ladies look. The list is endless when it comes to women shoes.

Never worry, Jumia Kenya has got every lady covered as we have that endless list of women shoes for you to purchase online. Are you the classy chic lady or you love your high heels, maybe the trendy doll shoes or flats? Can you run the world in wedges? When it comes to elegance, they know that all ladies love to look classy.

Be assured that you will be spoilt for choice when shopping online for women shoes. No matter your colour liking, shoe size or age, they have it all at the best prices. Are you a college student, business lady or working class lady, well they have stocked just the right kind of shoes that fit right within your budget.

If you are thinking of where to buy your shoes online, then Jumia Kenya is just the right place for you.

If you want to style up your wardrobe, then you can make an order of your favourite shoe while relaxing at your local hangout, chilling along the beach, anywhere you are you can easily buy shoes here.

They have made shopping fun, as they deliver shoes country wide to your doorstep.

Now that we have articulated the necessities of online shopping for women shoes, it is time for you to relax and start shopping.  Buying women shoes from Jumia Kenya is so easy now, they offer the best prices with their cash on delivery payment option.

At Jumia Kenya you will find a variety of shoes to choose from. Under shoes women’s department there we have stocked:

  • Sandals and slippers
  • Heels
  • Ballerinas and flats
  • Women sneakers
  • Wedges and many more.

Jumia Kenya shoes are gotten from different designers worldwide, therefore it is very hard to miss a shoe for any occasion or event.  Jumia Kenya has collaborated with designers like

  • Liberty senorita
  • Uzuri
  • David Wej
  • DMG
  • Vans
  • Lemon
  • New look
  • Nulina
  • Rosegirl fashion to name but few


Jumia Kenya online shoes for men

Men have good reasons not to joke with their shoes. Shoes are an accessory that can make or break a man’s look. Men shoes from Jumia Kenya are available in different styles, size and colour. Whether you are a business man, a student in college, you can be assured that you will find the right shoe for you at Jumia Kenya.

Explore top quality men’s slippers and sandals at very affordable prices. Step out in classy sneakers or the casual slippers and sandals for your every day wear. At Jumia Kenya they provide you with a wide variety of outdoor footwear.

Top Quality Shoes for Men on Jumia Kenya online shop


At Jumia Kenya online shop they make sure shoes on our website are long-lasting as they can last for a very long time. Surf the men’s shoes shops on our site and get diverse shoes and different colors to go well with your style and personality.

Jumia Kenya online brings you the most recent designs and the comfortable experience of slippers and sandals that you can show off on your local attire or jeans. It doesn’t matter the size of your feet, we have a men’s shoe exchange chart that will help you in selecting the best size of shoe for your feet.

We offer you with the best of men’s dress shoes and casual shoes, suited to meet your comfort and style levels. We have got something for everyone, from the office professional to the party rockers.

Put your feet first guys and shop online where you will find various men’s shoe that come with the perfect blend of styles and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Buying men shoes in Kenya is so simple on Jumia as they offer you only the best at great prices.


Men’s Shoes: A way of Life

Shopping for men’s shoes is at all times very imperative for a lot of men. Finding the right one can be very tricky especially if you want a something that represents who you are.

There are so many different types out there. Your work is to find the most favorable one for you.

If you look at shopping for shoes online versus shopping for them at convectional stores, you will find that a lot of people prefer shopping online due to the wide variety offered versus the limited selection at the stores.

Latest shoes in Kenya are in Jumia

There are so many different kinds of men’s shoes as confirmed earlier. Jumia Kenya online shop has casual, formal shoes, boot, sport shoes and so many others.

Beneath every category, there are other many different brands. Let’s have a look at  Causal type as an example, you can find renowned brands like Dazawa, Easy Deal, ZOBITO, SAMARA.

All these brands are among the Jumia shoes. Under every brand, there are different kinds of colors and models, which give you a variety in shopping.

Envision if you must attend official events on a constant basis, then you will need to start looking for formal shoes based on that you will get all the possible formal men’s shoes ranging from leather to pattern urban.

How Men’s Shoes represents you

Finding low-priced sneakers or searching for one is not always the case for all the people. A lot of men these days search for something that represents them in the society.

In addition, when finding your sneakers online you can be sometimes fortunate enough to see some deals and therefore, some people search online for buy one and get another for half or for free even.

A lot of people from different sides of the world, different social classes and different ages search daily for their optimal shoe fit.




Tips for Shopping For a New Television

At Jumia Kenya, they are aware how important it is to shop for a new television. Jumia Kenya has a large compilation of 4K Ultra HD TV, HDTV, curved-screen TV, or 3D TV. They have incredible prices for you so look no further.

All You Need to be familiar with in relation to the Latest Television Technology

4K Ultra HD OR HD Televisions Also known as 4K or Ultra TV is the most recent technology in the marketplace today. What is it about? It’s 4 times enhanced than full HD and produces super high quality imagery that is sharper.

You can watch full HD content, videos produced in FHD and blu- ray movies. 720p HD a High Definition Television with a picture quality that’s twice as sharp as a standard definition.  It provides high quality HD pictures.

What Flat Screen Television Screen Size Should I Consider?

One very important characteristic when shopping for a TV is the screen size. The opinion bigger is better has always been there but it’s important to balance the television to the size of the room. The basic guiding principle are 32’’ screens are excellent for small rooms such as living room for apartments, bedrooms or kitchen,  the 33’’- 49’’ is good for average sized-large rooms. 64’’ screens are good for those large rooms that can double with home theatre systems for that movie theater experience.


Affordable Led TV in Kenya

The LED technology is one of the most important innovations in this area. Even if you are not a TV fanatic you cannot be expressionless in front of such colorful screens. LED TV will assist you to dive into your screen and completely feel the emotions of the movie you are watching. This amazing technology will offer you clear displays at a reasonably priced price at Jumia Kenya. Enjoy TV right now!

Why should you purchase a LED TV?

Buy the best LED TV at affordable and discounted rates only from Jumia Kenya.  These TVs will give you the remarkable picture quality. If fascinated to explore our television range, have a look at Jumia Kenya TVs section. You will come across the entire series of companies and other Seller Certified Televisions. Jumia Kenya online shop has  extraordinary collection of TVs and companies guarantees that you will not have to go anywhere else to look for a perfect TV.

LED TVs redefine your TV watching experience. These days, Television technology has ascended many dimensions concerning picture quality; sound quality, etc. upgrade your TV watching affair with the best LEDs available at unbelievable prices only from Jumia Kenya.

World-class brands of TV
Only the best brands can ensure you the good quality LEDs. Jumia Kenya has got the widest collection of LEDs from some of the best brands like, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Hisense , teqworld g40z, teqworld g24z,etc. These reputed brands invent authentic products and consequently will give you cinematic experience.

Buy these quality products from Jumia Kenya TVs and ensure a sparkling picture quality and exhilarating TV viewing experience for you and family. Stay glued to your LED TV as it I s time to get obsessed to your daily soap operas and live football matches.  Watch your beloved characters come to life with more depth and clarity!
You will get a wide choice regarding screen sizes that Jumia Kenya have in their collection. Jumia Kenya TV screen sizes range from below 32 inches LED TVs to more than 43 inches. You can choose from any of these sizes depending on the area of the wall. For your bedroom and living room go for the colossal 42 inch LED TV that can give you tremendous images and can create magnificent visual impact.

TV prices in Kenya

Lg TV prices in Kenya

In case you are thinking of getting an upgrade, you might think of going the LG way. At Jumia Kenya they believe that the LG tv is one of the best tv to give you quality sound and image. Most of the time people always end up buying televisions that are either not genuine that are always sold at expensive prices. The positive aspect about the LG tvs is the fact that, you will hardly get a tv which is not authentic.

Most of the televisions sold in Kenya are counterfeit. They come with everything good for the eyes but after using them is when you will realize you have been short changed. I would person ally suggest that you settle for an LG tv.

The next time you are purchasing an LG tv from Jumia Kenya, ensure you check whether you are purchasing a legitimate LG tv or a fake one.  All that in mind, let’s take a look at the TV that you should consider buying when you want an upgrade of your living room. Here below are some of the recent KG TVs in Kenya.

LG  32LF550D

For anyone looking for a small sized television, then the LG 32LF550D is the perfect choice. It not quite small as such, just that most of the LG tvs in Kenya are way larger than 32”. The LG 32LF550D is an awesome tv that has everything for everyone at home.


Another striking feature with the LG 32LF550D is that it comes with virtual surround which fills the room with exceptional sound. Movie time on LG 32LF550D is lots of fun considering that the sound you get makes you feels like you are in the middle of the action.

Get the LG 32LF550D for only 24,950/-



LG 43LF54OT is another TV that bring closer home a realism with the image that you get to view on your screen. An excellent feature in the LG TV is that it gives you a wide screening angle which most of the conservative TVs will not give you.

This would only mean that you don’t have to arrange your living room in a particular way to get to enjoy shows that you love. The LG 43LF54OT is designed in such a way that everybody in the house gets to watch the TV and the vision is clear.  Well, it is an ultimate TV for people who opt for a larger screen size TV to fill the sitting room with an ambiance of good entertainment. Get the LG 43LF54OT from Jumia Kenya at only 41,999/-

LG 32LF595D

Many people in Kenya have a preference of a smaller sized television occasionally due to the space in their living rooms; from time to time one may want it for other rooms other than the living room. LG 32LF595D is a 32-inch television which has a 32-inch monitor to facilitate your entertainment.

It is also one of the LG televisions that have a very high resolution giving you comprehensive images that are very clear. The sound system is exceptional, and you will in fact not have the need of an outer sound system to get the kind of sound that you may want. This LG comes with a fully operational sound system that will make entertainment more exhilarating. At only 25,599/- get yourself this tv set from Jumia Kenya.

LG 43LF631T

The LG 43LF631T is an LG smart TV that will bring the internet experience into in your home. One of the most remarkable facts about this TV is that you are capable of watching your normal TV with high-quality images and sound, and you are also able to connect to the internet and stream live videos and watch them right in your living room. You may need a strong internet connection to be able to do all that. Watching videos from YouTube has been made possible with the LG 43LF631T. The LG 43LF631T comes with pre-installed applications.


LG 49UF640

The LG 49UF640 is a 49 inch LG TV which is large enough for people who are looking a larger screen than 32 inches. LG has been gradually developing in terms of technology that gives improved and clearer images than what is already on the market. The LG 49UF640 is a 4K TV which means that the images you get with this TV are four times better than images you get with a full HD TV. This is one of the prime features that make this LG TV model stand out from the preceding LG versions that were there before The LG 49UF640 TV will change the whole idea of entertainment in your home; it comes with smart features that make it have a diverse outlook in your living room, anyone considering the LG 49UF640 will absolutely love this one.

LG 43LF540A

The LG 43LF540A is an LED flat screen TV which also comes with a full HD visual output; this means that you will get to watch images which are sharp and comprehensive. Getting The LG 49UF640 with a full HD display will make you one of the fortunate few people in Kenya. Considering that it is a big television which comes with a 43-inch screen, you will get the unsurpassed viewing out of what an LG TV can give you with entertainment. A good visual quality with no good audio is a mistake and LG is super careful not to make that happen. This is the cause as to why LG has invested in a technology that ensures that the LG 43LF540A gets the best sound. You not only get to benefit from great images but also get the feeling that you more often than not have when you are in the cinema.


LG 43LH548V

The LG 49UF640 is a smart TV which also comes to pass as a full HD display. This is such an amazing blend that makes it have an edge over most of the TVs that we have in Kenya. The smart TV is capable of connecting to the internet allowing you to enjoy all the services that you would have otherwise enjoyed with your phone. The experience with the LG 49UF640 is much better since you get to stream and watch live videos of events happening at a particular moment.

The LG 49UF640 saves you the hustle of having to watch from your Smartphone which may be a little frantic owing to the small size of the phone. The LG 49UF640 is a full HD LG TV which lets you to experience moments just as they are in reality. It takes you closer home where you can get in touch with reality. The LG 49UF640 is the perfect TV for people looking for an upgrade but are working on a tight budget

Wrapping up, since the above models are pointers that LG is one of the best TVs that you can get in Kenya, it is imperative to know and formulate the right decision relating to buying a new TV.

Get this amazing LG TV from Jumia Kenya for only 40,500/-


If you are a sports fanatic and want to skip all the uninteresting details and buy yourself a great television, a Samsung plasma TV is the perfect television to purchase for watching sports. Now that you have an idea of what you want, the next ideal thing is getting the right size. Having the right size of the Samsung TV, no matter what sporting event you are watching can make a huge difference.


Sports are a battle between actions and emotions. To acquire the right feeling while watching at a game, you need only the best television that can bring out both the action and the emotion appropriately.  The Samsung Plasma TV F8500 51-inch flat screen television is the TV that can bring the on-field emotions to your living room or lounge and will make you feel like you are watching the game live in the stadium.


Subsequently another important thing to consider as a requisite that counts for a sports television is picture quality vis-à-vis color accurateness & contrast. This is an indispensable component that brings out a unique and exhilarating sports experience with a Plasma television. Samsung Plasma TV is known to give the viewers with a television experience that brings out the colors accurately and gives a crisp contrast.

Next, in interest, is the viewing angle. A Plasma HDTV is the best television for a large crowd of people as it can deliver the best view from all angles. Clarity plays a role for a sports TV; a sports fan wants a television that will bring about representation in a dark area. A plasma television that is bright enough to generate an effective-looking picture in the room with high ambient light is just perfect for sports.

Sound & Motion also pose as essential ingredients to create a fabulous Samsung Digital Tv experience. Can you imagine how awful it would be to watch your favorite sport on a mute television? That is what it would be like without good sound.

Similarly, it is equally impossible to imagine watching a television show that lacks action. This is what would happen if your television does not have the ability to deliver great motion in its picture. Sports are all about high-speed action and lots of movement on the screen. While using the Samsung Digital Tv  for watching the game, people want to see lots of action.

On the other hand high refresh rate, a good Samsung Digital Tv set should always display content with fast- paced action without turning the screen into a blurry mess. An excellent Plasma television excels at making sports look crisp and with a higher refresh rate it will reduce the motion blur.

The latest high-end series of Samsung Digital Tv Kenya i.e. F8500 is pre loaded with upgrades that deliver better picture quality of the plasma cells. It’s bigger & better contrast panel also delivers 60% & 40% more black levels for light & dark rooms respectively. The Samsung Digital Tv front is equipped with a curve in the shape of a ‘D.’ This upgraded design is a brave move, and that kind of design is just too good not to get noticed.


If you want to know everything about watching sports games on the Samsung Digital Tv Kenya. I think you will be excited to check out my choice, Samsung Plasma TV F8500 51 inch flat screen television with all the features I mentioned above. A Samsung Plasma TV F8500 51 inch flat screen television will let your family and friends to enjoy watching at a football or basketball game, consequently giving you and your loved ones a fun-filled and awe-inspiring experience full of togetherness that makes the moment worth your while.


Wedding dresses

Wedding dresses are usually a once in a lifetime purchase. Also the hunt for the perfect dress can take months or even years for some brides to be.

The idea is to look best on your special day. They know it is the happiest day of your life, so it’s good to find a wedding dress that fits your persona and your desires.   You will find the perfect wedding dress that suits and complements your body shape and thus enhancing all your best attributes.

Your wedding day is a unique day to be remembered for days to come for how beautiful and exceptional you looked on your wedding day. It is only at Jumia Kenya online shopping where you will find that wedding dress that will make you feel beautiful and look like the princess/ fairy/model that you fell on your big day.

They are just like a one stop shop for you to choose from if you are planning to have your wedding a classic one and you dont want to spent a lot of money.



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MacBook Pro troubleshooting tips review 2017

MacBook Pro troubleshooting tips review 2017

Like any other PC, a Mac is also prone to encounter serious problems in its life. Numerous things could go wrong, from failure to start up or even that petrifying kernel panic screen. Today we will review some tips on how to trouble shoot your Mac and confidently fix it.

It is pretty clear that all problems that run into a Mac are worldwide across all versions of OS X. What more, if you are still covered by Apple’s warranty or Applecare, then the easiest way out is to walk into Apple Store and have them fix it for you for free. Then again, you if are not a time waster or your warranty has run out, then you can do the troubleshooting yourself.


Say you just turned on your Mac and you get a grey or blue screen that does not load OS X, this sure is a pretty cause for concern. This can happen due to various reasons and it is one of the most exasperating things that can happen to your Mac. What do you do?


Step One: Disconnect All Peripherals

Grey or blue screen during start up could be a result of incompatible hardware connected to the machine. It could either be the printer, external hard drive or even a USB hub. It is therefore advisable that you disconnect everything except not including the mouse and the Keyboard, and then restart your computer.

Should your Mac start this way, definitely it’s an issue with one of those peripherals. The next thing is to use trial and error so as to figure out which it could be. Connect them back one by one and restart your PC. If one of them causes the PC to hang on the Grey or Blue screen, then you have found your issue.

Once you have figured out the problematic peripheral, remove it and later you can a little research on how to fix it or how to update the device.

If devices are not the ones causing problems, an your Mac still won’t boot, then it’s time to dig a little deeper.

Step Two: Execute a Safe Boot

Performing a safe boot makes your Mac boot up with the least amount of drivers needed to make it work, and at the same time checks your hard disk in the process though it’s a very long process. To do this, start up your computer while pressing down the Shift key until the Apple logo passes. If your Mac starts up with the safe boot, go ahead and start the computer again and see if it boots up normally.

 Step Three: Run Disk Utility

If you are still unable to boot up OS X normally, then it’s time to run Disk Utility and check out your hard drive: here below are the steps to follow to attain this;

  1. Boot up your computer while hard pressing the Command+R. This will boot you into a diagnostic mode.
  2. Select the Disk Utility Option.
  3. Select your hard drive, and click “Verify.” Wait for Disk Utility to finish running.
  4. If problems pop up, click “Repair Disk.”
  5. If nothing pops up, click “Repair Permissions” and wait for Disk Utility to scan your hard drive again.
  6. If Disk Utility finds and repairs some problems, go ahead and reboot.

In a many cases, running Disk Utility will seize problems with startup issues. Now and again a single file with the wrong permissions can cause the whole system to crush, or if something’s not in the right place it won’t boot. If this doesn’t work, you have a lot more problems to look into.


This may appear as a spinning beach ball that refuses to go away. At times it can seem to be a small application problem and think it is easy to solve. But sometimes it is part of a much bigger mess. If you Mac keep constantly tossing up the spinning beach ball, it is high time to figure out the cause.

Step One: Check Activity Monitor

The spinning beach ball may occur if your Mac is overloaded. Normally, it may last a few seconds and go away; in this case you may choose to ignore it. Should it not go away, the only way to find out what is going on is to launch Activity Monitor and identify which program could be causing the problem.

  1. Press the Command+Option+Esc to force quit all programs that could be potentially causing the beach ball.
  2. Initiate Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities).
  3. Now go about your daily usage. If the beach ball still pops up, switch over to Activity Monitor and see which app is taking up the biggest CPU.

You might find that it is a powerful software like Photoshop causing problems, then it is advisable that you add more RAM to your PC. This RAM will help in multi tasking issues and if the beach ball still pops when you are running a few programs at once, additional RAM will come to your aid.

Step Two: Reclaim Hard Drive Space

There are times when your hard disk may be fully packed hence no more available space. This is another potential cause of the spinning beach ball. For many PC users , this simply means cleaning up two folders ;namely; recycle bin and the downloads folder.

  1. Right-click the trash can icon and select “Empty Trash.” If you have a lot of stuff in there or you haven’t done this recently you might get enough space to save your file.
  2. Now head to your downloads folder (Users > Your Name > Downloads). Go through and delete any files you no longer need.

In most cases, performing the above two steps will be able to free up enough space to continue working. That said, you might still need to free up even more space. To make this process easy, I recommend the Disk Inventory X. With Disk Inventory X, you can have a look at your hard drive and find the largest space hogs fast so you can delete them and move on. It takes a little time.


If you have ever come across the black and grey kernel panic screen, you definitely know how unsupportive it can be. The Kernel panics are as a result of failure of multiple programs or the OS itself. Fortunately it is not a big issue as it may seem.

Here below are steps to take follow to try and clear the Kernel Panic Screen.

Step One: Reboot and See If It Happens Again

In nearly all cases, a kernel panic will force you to reboot you computer. Let this happen and if you are lucky you might be loaded right back into the OS X. resume working on your PC as normal. In many cases, the issue resolves itself, if not, then its time to figure out what’s going on.

Step Two: Update All Your Software

Software Update can often fix kernel panic problems because customarily, it’s a software issue. Click the Apple icon in the top left corner, and select “Software Update.” Let it look for and install new software to see if it fixes the problem.

In some cases should the kernel panic happen when you are starting up and you cannot load OS X, you will need to start up your PC in safe mode. Reboot the computer and long press the Shift key until the Apple Logo appears. After a short while you will load up safe mode. Here you can run Software Update the same way you usually do.

Step Three: Check Your Login Items

At times, there could be no software that needs updating and you can’t get your PC to start without a Kernel panic screen; this could mean the PC has problems with the programs you are automatically loading on start up.

If no software needs updating and you can’t get your computer to start without a kernel panic then it might be an issue with one of the programs you have loading up automatically on startup. That means its time to clear out your login items. While you’re still in safe mode you can remove any apps that start automatically:

  1. Open up your System Preferences (Applications > System Preferences).
  2. Select “Users and Groups” and select your user ID.
  3. Select the “Login Items” tab.
  4. Select each of the applications you have and click the minus sign to remove them from the list.
  5. Reboot and see if you can start without a kernel panic. If so, one of those apps is causing the problem. Try loading up each to see which one causes it again.


What do you do when out of nowhere the screen turns to a craze green and yellow and eventually your PC shuts down? Here are a few things you can do to troubleshoot and figure out exactly why your video card or display is acting out.

Step One: Reset the PRAM/VRAM and SMC

The reset procedure does not do the PC much good but it is one of the easiest things to do and it only takes a few minutes. Turn on your MAC and press down the Command+Option+P+R until the PC reboots. This will reset the PRAM/VRAM which is where the control panel is stored. Occasionally this will correct the display issues and should this happen, continue using your MAC as you did.

Another option is to reset the SMC (System Management Controller).The SMC controls everything in your PC. Once you reset the SMC most of your settings will be restored to factory defaults and your display issues will be solved.

Step Two: Boot into Safe Mode

The first step is to figure out what is going in with your graphics card or the display, then reboot into safe mode and see if the problem continues. Power on your PC and long press the Shift key until you pass the PC’s logo.  If none of those work, it’s time to run the Apple Hardware test to see if it’s a hardware issue.

Step Three: Run Apple Hardware Test

The Apple hardware test is not a common test. Just the name suggests, this is a way to test for hardware crash on your computer. Up to now it has not been tested to be 100% perfect, but it will help you trouble shoot your issues.

  1. Reboot your Mac and hold down the “D” key until the Apple Hardware Test starts
  2. Select your language, and then select the “Basic test” option. Let it do its thing. If an error occurs, the Apple Hardware Test should tell you which piece of hardware is failing and you’ve found your problem. If not, select the “Perform Extended Testing” option. This might take an hour or two to complete.

While a hardware failure is never fun, expectantly the Apple Hardware test will actually show it so you can get the faulty hardware reinstated.

As with any computer troubleshooting, now and then you’ll need to go through all kinds of tests and experiments to figure out what is going on. If you’re lucky, the above tips will get your Mac in working order in no time.


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How to back up Windows 10

How to back up Windows 10

Back-ups are a vital element of any careful user’s routine. Nevertheless, there’s nothing quite like that feeling when you realize that all your work, all those memories, have just disappeared into the digital cloud. Here’s how to guard your important files with the backup features built into Windows 10.

Data is an expensive thing. Be it personal files, photos, music, or a download of an OS, it’s always prudent to create safe support for your files to avoid disaster. Backups are essential to protect against these – and more – risks. Here we’ll show you how to protect against data loss by using the built-in tools that come with Windows 10, as well as other options, including cloud storage services.

How to back up Windows 10: What is a backup?

More often than not, your friends will keep telling you to back up your PC. This is not an easy task. There are two types of back up that you can use to safeguard your important data.

First and foremost is the file backup. This option allows you to make copies of data or the files that you have stored on your PC. These files or data could be personal or purely business. It is, therefore, mandatory for every PC owner to have an external hard disk drive where you store copies of these files in case they are deleted or lost accidentally.

The next type of backup is known as the system backup. This type of backup is more sophisticated as it engages making a backup of the Windows OS, plus all your programs, files, and settings. Use this type of backup if your PC is misbehaving or it stops working altogether.

Windows 10 like all previous versions of Windows has a number of inbuilt features that allow you to execute both simple file backups and more inclusive system backups. These features can be a bit baffling, though,

How to backup Windows 10: File History

There are diverse ways to create backups in Windows 10. One of the simplest is a feature called File History, which will let you  make standard, scheduled copies of the personal data on your PC and store it on an external drive. This is also a risky method in view of the fact that if anything should go wrong with your PC or the internal hard drive will take that back up with it also.

It is advisable to have at least one external back for your vital files and this should be kept in a separate location away from the others.

To set up File History you’ll need to open the Start Menu and click on Settings.  In the menu that appears select Update & Security and then click on the Backup section to view the related options.

On the right side of the panel you’ll see a part entitled Backup Using File History, and under this is an option to Add A Drive. Click on the Plus (+) symbol subsequently, and you’ll see a list of any external hard drives that are linked to your PC. If you don’t have a drive connected you’ll find that you can’t do anything.

If you have several drives connected then you can just click on the one that you want to use. When you return to the Backup section now you’ll see that the option has changed from Add A Drive to Automatically Back Up My Files and that this option is switched on by default.

You can turn this option off or on whenever you want to, but it’s best to leave it on so that future backup automatically takes place at regular intervals. You can also specify how often your File History backups take place, and which specific files and folders are included in your backups. Click the heading labeled More Options and you’ll be taken to a new window that contains several useful features.

By default, File History creates backups of your files once hourly, but if you want it to start immediately then you can just click the button marked Back Up Now to make your first backup. Right underneath that is a pull-down menu that allows you to specify how often your backups take place. This can range from every 10 minutes to just once a day, but the default hourly backups are probably fine for most people. Making regular backups of all your files can take up a lot of space on your external hard drive so there’s a second pull-down menu that tells File History how long it should keep all those backups. The default option is to keep them forever – better safe than sorry, after all – but you can vary this from one month to two years if you want. You can also tell Windows 10 to delete older backups automatically if your external hard drive gets full and you need to free up some space for newer backups.




When it’s creating a backup, File History automatically copies all the folders that are part of your main User Account on your PC, such as Music, Photos and Videos (to view the folders in your User Account just go to the Users folder on your main C: drive and click the folder that has your personal account name – ie C:/Users/Pete). However, you can also make backups of files that are stored in other folders too. Just click ‘Add A Folder’ to open a file browser window that allows you to select the folders you want.

If you ever need to locate a file from your backup drive then you can just click on the Start Menu in the Windows 10 taskbar and type ‘File History’ into the Search bar. In the list of search results you’ll see an option labeled ‘Restore Your Files With File History’, and when you click on this you’ll open a window that displays all the folders that are backed-up onto your external hard drive.

The thing to note here, though, is that there’s a set of Forward and Back controls at the bottom of this window, similar to the playback controls that you’ll find on any music or video player. These allow you to step backwards and forwards through all the backups you’ve made in recent weeks and months. This means that you can go right back and locate files that you might have deleted many months ago. You can also use it to recover and compare different versions of a file that you may have worked on and edited over a period of time, which is really useful.

There are, of course, dozens of backup programs and software – both free and paid-for – that can assist with file backups, but these options that are built into File History in Windows 10 should be completely sufficient for general day-to-day use. Most hard drives also come with their own backup software that is incorporated in the price of the drive, so you generally don’t need to worry about finding or buying any other backup software for this type of simple file backup.

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First, a program hangs, and then you hear a little stutter, within seconds funny noises creeps from your machine. Then you are slapped with that familiar blue screen on your face. Your computer has just crashed, and all you can do now is just sit in that tongue-tied silence of a restart, and hope it wasn’t fatal.

What is a computer or system crash? A crash basically means when an application or hardware on a computer stops to function as it should be. A full system crash will take place when an application will stop unexpectedly and at the same time produce an error forcing the computer to shut down or at times to restart. It is after rebooting that you will be presented with the error message confirming that your PC has just crashed. Nevertheless, there are some rare occurrences when a system crash is due to the user running one or more apps concurrently thus stressing out the system.

there are many reasons why your computer is randomly crashing, however, in most cases; it’s usually as a result of poor maintenance culture. Here are some tips to help you prevent computer crashes in future.


Use a Registry Scanner

The first thing you’ll want to make sure is that the random crashes are not due to the operating system registry. It’s not uncommon, for a corrupt registry to cause a system to freeze, or a random restart.

On the other hand, manual fixing of the registry is next to impossible because of its complexity that is why I would recommend you use a registry cleaner software.

The windows registry keeps track of various setting and options for windows and 3rd party program, it also advisable to keep your registry clean. You can achieve this by removing invalid and redundant entries, uninstalling unnecessary programs or failed installations.

Reduce memory usage

Applications running in the background tend to overload the PC resources and eventually may cause a crash. To reduce memory usage you can close all programs that are not in use, uninstall apps that you no longer need, also you can prevent automatic program launch upon startup.

Repair Your Drivers

Most PC crashes are caused by drivers fault. Some drivers may be installed improperly or some may be corrupt due to bad sectors on your hard drive.  Update and repair all your PC drivers. You can find the latest drivers by visiting your PC manufacturer’s website.


Blow the Dust Out

There are situations where a PC or computer may crash due to an everyday build-up of dust within the system case. If this happens, then the dust acts as an incubator for heat and we know that increased heat to a system may cause malfunction. The RAM is at risk when there is a case of overheating that is as a result of dust accumulation. It is then very important that you regularly clean your computer from the inside out. Use a blower or a small vacuum cleaner to blow the dust-out.

Fasten Hardware Cables

Your computer may be constantly crashing because of poor wiring. Therefore, shutdown your computer open the C.P.U and ensure that all systems cables are correctly connected into the right positions, and then restart your system.


Use System Restore

There are special cases when hardware driver’s installation may result in your computer crashing. This is where System Restore comes in handy, as it is a tool that can be used to undo recent changes to your OS. If the problem with your computer is software based, then System Restore will fix the problem.

Repair System Files

Checking your system for corrupt data and files is an added advantage. Checking for this manually may prove to be hectic but you can use a System File Checker and this will make it easier for you. This program will routinely check the integrity of all your system files and replace that are corrupt.

Use Recovery Partition

If you are using a brand name computer, such as a Dell, Packard Bell or Hewlett-Packard then there is a good chance that you have a recovery partition.

The recovery partition entails a complete backup of your entire operating system that includes all the applications, tools and programs that you received with the computer when you first bought it. The main drawback is that this method will erase all the data from your hard drive before reinstalling the operating system. Therefore, you’ll need to back up your files before rebooting your system.

To access the partition, you will need to restart your computer and press F10  at the POST screen, and then follow the onscreen instructions.

Run a Repair Installation

If you don’t have a brand name computer, then you will need to run a repair installation. In order for you to do this, you’ll need the original Operating System installation disc. The good thing about this method is that it will attempt to repair your operating system, which means you will not lose any of your data.

There are a number of different ways you can do this, you can either opt to run an upgrade installation from the OS or restart your computer and boot from the CD. Either way, it will produce the same result, providing you choose a repair installation.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the original Windows CD, then you can use the Windows repair tool called Reimage, which is capable of carrying out the same function, but without the need for a Windows CD. Reimage is also capable of repairing errors and the lingering effects of them, so it’s an excellent tool to have and use.