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Play Station 4 Pro 2017 review

Play Station 4 Pro 2017 review






The Play Station 4 Pro is shinier, faster and prettier than the previous model of the Play Station 4 slim.  In other words, the PS4 Pro is the best gaming console Sony has ever created. It is an excellent all round system, as it is capable of playing games on the 4K HDR. Purchasing a PS4 Pro is one of the easiest decisions one can ever make.  The PS4 Pro is slightly bigger than the standard ps4, it has additional 3.1 rear port and it has been upgraded with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

What makes the PS4 and the PS4 Pro different? The first and foremost is whether to keep the console a flat parallelogram. The PS4 Pro is wider and taller than the original PS4. If you plan to keep both, then you will have to stack them together but the original should be on top of the PRO.

Secondly, the system is enclosed in a matte black shell, like to the one used on the PS4 Slim. Nevertheless, the PS4 Pro has sharp edges not round unlike the PS4 slim.

Another distinction is the silver PlayStation logo that is set in the middle of the top surface that adds a nice touch of sophistication. The other slight difference is the power cables; the PS4 Pro uses a bulkier female connector to draw more power instead of the basic two prong cable Sony had customized with every PS4.

It is, essentially, a very small iteration on the DualShock 4 that has been there before. A light bar built into the touchpad this is a nice feature since you don’t want to turn the controller over in your hand to find out what player you are – but more importantly, the triggers have been tweaked and it feels a bit lighter in the hand.

Another distinction is that the controller switches seamlessly between Bluetooth and wired mode when it’s connected to the system via USB cable.

Setting up the PS4 Pro is still lightning-fast. Navigate through the menus without breaking much of a sweat. After initial setup, the PS4 Pro tends to slow down but this should not stress you out. Simply download a 312MB patch to upgrade your software to version 4.05.



Lastly, the PlayStation 4 Pro offers enhanced performance.  Enhanced performance can be manifested in different ways;

  • one way might be that games will play at 4K resolution at 30 frames per second;
  • Another might be more detailed textures or even the option to choose a higher frame rate at 1080p resolution.

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