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Safaricom Kenya Limited Review


Safaricom limited is the leading mobile network operator in Kenya. It was established on March, 3rd, 1997 as a subsidiary owned by the Telkom Kenya. Safaricom was later converted into a public limited liability on the 16th May 2002.  In 2000 May, Vodafone Group from the United Kingdom gained 40% in stakes and took over management responsibility for the company. The rest 60% shareholding is held by the Government of Kenya.

Safaricom provides, voice, data, financial services and venture solutions for an array of subscribers, small businesses and the government using various platforms. As the leading communication company in East and Central African, Safaricom delights of its over 25.1 million subscribers, with over 200,000 touch points for its esteemed customers and offering more than 100 different products under its collection. Safaricom has attached its proprietary fiber communications to build a devoted enterprise business that provides managed information technology to its clients spread all over the East African region.

Safaricom initiated commercial mobile money transfer internationally through M-PESA, one of the most triumphant services of its kind anywhere in the world. Launched in early 2007, M-PESA prides itself of over 23 million customers and over 100,000 M-PESA agents nationwide.

After Safaricom establishment in Kenya, Michael Joseph was its first C.E.O, who continued acting as the C.E.O for a decade. Mr. Joseph an American citizen is accredited to have grown Safaricom from a nondescript unit of a previous state corporation to East Africa’s most lucrative company. He is also credited to have an impact on the lives of millions of Kenyans through money transfer services and telecommunication. After serving at Safaricom for ten years, Michael Joseph tenure expired and Bob Collymore took over as C.E.O, where he is still serving up to date.

Bob Collymore is the CEO of Safaricom Limited and a Trustee of the M-PESA Foundation. Bob is zealous about improving mother and child health. Bob Collymore has served as a Commissioner on the United Nations Commission on Life-Saving Commodities for women and children. He sits on The Vision 2030 Delivery Board and the United Nations Global Compact Board, where he champions business sector involvement in social and development issues.

On or after January 2010, Safaricom prides their self of a subscriber base of roughly 12 million, most of whom are from the country’s major cities- Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and Nakuru.Safaricom headquarters are in Nairobi, Safaricom House, Waiyaki way in Westlands. Other offices are located in the city center at I&M building, Kenyatta Avenue, Kimathi Street and next to Shankardass House, Moi Avenue next to Kenya Cinema. Safaricom’s core rival is Airtel Kenya. Other foes include Essar’s YU which in recent times purchased, in concurrence with Airtel and Orange wireless.

Safaricom is also known for its charitable functions where it reaches out to the less fortunate in the society mostly through the Safaricom Foundation.


MPESA service is not only a momentous revenue generator for Safaricom, however, it also provides instant benefits to previously unbanked customers by putting within means monetary services within their grasp. MPESA also provides monetization opportunities to a large number of agents who support Mpesa along with entrepreneurs who use Mpesa in their businesses.


In March 2013, it was reported that Mpesa had 15.2m customers, which means there was an addition of 0.3m new customers compared to March 2012. Also the same year saw revenues from Mpesa raise to Kshs 10.43billion, this was an impressive 32 percent growth.


Service Innovation

Safaricom has raised the Mpesa bar gradually, starting with the foundation services that included domestic remittance, airtime top-ups, bill payments and international remittances.

Subsequently, Mpesa has advanced to become a fully fledged mobile money service for both the unbanked and banked. Services offered by Safaricom Mpesa include

  • Corporate Mpesa financial records that have higher transaction limit other than for the individual customers.
  • ATM cash withdrawals
  • Mkesho, which is a savings account in conjunction with Equity Bank Kenya.
  • Retail payments such as Nunua na Mpesa services which permit subscribers to pay at selected retail shop using Mpesa.
  • Mobile ticket booking and payments for events and concerts
  • Bonga loyalty program where subscribers can exchange points for Safaricom products.




M-Pesa also has had a chance to grow revenues from on-premise trade payments, where it has so far only a basic offering. This preliminary offering is anticipated to expand as Safaricom develops a more all-inclusive long-term proximity payments plan.

Vodafone, which developed the M-Pesa proposal and is a major stakeholder in Safaricom, has an aim at expanding the M-Pesa service across its budding market footprint. Besides Kenya, M-Pesa has now been set up across Vodafone operations in Qatar, Afghanistan, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Fiji, Tanzania, and, most recently, India.

M-Pesa has had notable achievements in Tanzania, where Vodacom Tanzania had 3.6 million M-Pesa clients out of its 11.6 million mobile subscribers as of June 2012, representing a mobile money infiltration rate of 31 percent.


M-Pesa has faced increased rivalry, both in its domestic market and those into which it is increasing including South Africa and India. M-Pesa faces competition not only from other mobile operators but also a mounting number of other players entering the mobile money market, for example, M-Check in India and Wizzit in South Africa.


Simultaneously, influential global online groups such as Google and PayPal are assertively pushing into mobile payments, as a global payment networks/credit card brands, notably Visa and MasterCard.

Even though M-Pesa’s user base in Kenya is still rising, this increase will be more demanding in the future as the number of users approaches saturation: Close to 16 million of Safaricom’s total 19 million subscribers are now M-Pesa users. This only means that Safaricom must work harder on increasing usage and engagement within the existing customer base. This will necessitate new product innovations and service partnerships.

Strategic Partnerships

Banking partners are the basis of the M-Pesa service, and Safaricom has protected alliances with all the countries major banks and has a contract with the Western Union for international money transfers. Safaricom is now looking for more retail partners to support its fledgling on-premise payment service.

Banking partners include:

  • Cooperative Bank,
  • Kenya Commercial Bank,
  • Barclays Bank,
  • Equity Bank,
  • Family Bank,
  • NIC Bank,
  • Post Bank,
  • Consolidated Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank,
  • and CFC Stanbic Bank.


Safaricom has also built up a large, strong, and aggravated agent network to support M-Pesa, toting up 60,000 agents in 2013. Agents are very important to the success of mobile money services in the budding markets for the reason that they take on the critical task of converting cash to electronic money and vice versa, which is necessary for low-income customers in cash-based economies.


In addition, Safaricom has a comprehensive alliance with the Western Union that permits M-Pesa customers to receive international money transfers from 45 countries and territories including the United States, Canada, Italy, and the United Kingdom.


Monetization/Success Metrics

M-Pesa is based on easy, transparent business model that has proved to be highly effective. Safaricom and other operators behind the service generate revenues via end-user transaction fees. The agents that support M-Pesa are, in turn, paid a commission by Safaricom.

No user fees are indicted for registration, making deposits, or buying airtime, and only a nominal fee for of Ksh1 for balance inquiries. But most transfers and ATM withdrawals do earn charges that are on a sliding scale depending on the amount the user is sending or withdrawing; the larger the amount, the higher the fee.

  • Banking services supported by M-Pesa also inflict charges on end-users (costs differ from bank to bank), and Safaricom gains undisclosed profits share on these transactions.
  • Safaricom revenues from M-Pesa user transaction fees are balanced against the commission that it must pay to agents supporting those transactions.

How to Become an M-PESA Agent

Although it is free to apply to be an Mpesa Agent, there are some basic requirements that you must meet to your application to be shortlisted.

  • A potential agent must be registered as a limited company or with at least 3 outlets ready to offer Mpesa under the company’s name.
  • A company must have been in operation for a minimum of 6 months.
  • The proposed outlet must be audited before the commencement of business.
  • A prospect must be in possession of the Kenya police good conduct certificate.



Mpesa customers can withdraw and deposit money from a network of agents nationwide. The Mpesa service enables its users to:

  • Withdraw and deposit money.
  • Send money to other subscribers
  • Payment of bills
  • Purchasing of airtime
  • Transfer of money between the service and a bank account

The escalation of the Mpesa services in the country has forced banking institutions to take note of this innovative venture. In December 2008, a number of banks lobbied the Kenyan finance minister to audit Mpesa. This they wanted in an effort to slow the growth rate of this service. This strategy failed, since the audit established Mpesa was robust.


M-Shwari is a paperless banking service accessible through M-PESA. It :

  • Enables you to open and operate an M-Shwari bank account via your mobile phone, via M-PESA, without having to visit banks or fill up any forms.
  • Provides you the facility to move money in and out of your M-Shwari savings account to your M-PESA account at no charge.
  • Gives you an opportunity to save as little as KSh 1 which earns interest on your saving balance. This cash is moved into the savings account via M-PESA.
  • Enables you to access loans of a minimum of KSh 100 anytime and receive your loan instantaneously on your M-PESA account.

Mshwari a product for every person who feels that banking should be stress-free. No forms to fill in, no branches to visit. Just a click on your phone and you own a savings account!


What do you require to have an Mshwari Account?

To be able to own an Mshwari account, you first need to be a registered Safaricom subscriber. You also need to have an active Safaricom Mpesa account. You need to be in possession of either a national identification or a Kenyan passport, Alien ID registered by the government of Kenya.



How does one activate their line to the Mshwari Service?

Firstly, go to the Safaricom menu and Select.”Mpesa” select “Activate/Wezesha”. A new Mpesa menu with the Mshwari menu will send promptly to your line. Click the Mshwari link. A new message will appear asking you to read and accept the Terms and condition. Subsequently, after accepting the terms, a new message will be sent to you informing you that you are now  Activated on the Mshwari services.

Is there need for a new pin to access Mshwari?

No. Your Mpesa PIN is the identical PIN that you will use for your M-Shwari account. Always bear in mind “PIN YAKO SIRI YAKO.”

How do I check my Mshwari balance?

On Mpesa menu, select mshwari. Click on Show Balance. Enter your Pin. Wait for an SMS with

“Mpesa receipt Number. Confirmed your Mshwari deposit balance is Kshs……. On (date) at (time)

Bank account Balance message for clients with an outstanding advance loan  {M-PESA Receipt Number} Confirmed. Your M-Shwari Deposit Account balance is Kshs……. Your outstanding loan balance is Ksh……. on (date) at (time)


M-Shwari Lock Savings Account

Mshwari lock savings account is an account that allows customers to save for a specified period of time and for a definite purpose. The money saved on the Mshawri lock savings continue to be kept there until its maturity date. The maturity date can be between a period of one to six months upon opening upon opening of the account.

Steps to open the Lock Savings Account

  1. Go to M-PESA
  2. Select Loans and Savings
  3. Select M-Shwari
  4. Select Lock Savings Account
  5. next select Open Account to join

The money set aside here will help you not only save for a rainy day but will also earn you interest.

Requirements for opening an Mshwari Lock Account

For one to open an Mshwari Lock Accounts, you must be a registered   Mpesa customer. moreover, you must be an Mshwari customer.

What are the advantages of Mshwari lock savings

  • One of the most important aspects of owning an Mshwari account is that there is no minimum savings amount. Subsequently, there are no charges taxed on the Mshwari lock saving. During the investment period, the savings continue to earn interest which is calculated and paid out after maturity or even on monthly basis.
  • The lock period can be anything between one to six months depending on the clientele needs. Normal mpesa daily limits apply but there is no limit as to how many times a customer deposits on a daily basis.
  • Also, Mshwari lock savings does not limit the amount one can hold on the savings.

When is your Mshwari matured?

  • Once matured, a notification will be sent to you via SMS notifying you of the amount saved and the interest gained.

How to access your savings after maturity

  • Upon maturity, the M-Shwari Lock savings and the interest gained will be transferred to your M-Shwari account

Minimum amount to open an Mshwari locked account

  • The least amount target is ksh500.


Maximum Mshwari Lock savings

  • There is no greatest target amount. though, M-PESA daily limits apply


Number of times you can save onto an Mshwari Lock Saving

  • You can save as many times as possible

Minimum amount to top up on Mshwari Lock Savings Account

  • The minimum top up amount is Kshs1(one)


Minimum deposit to have in Mshwari  Lock Savings Account

  • The minimum amount is Ksh 1(one)

Can you withdraw funds before maturity?

  • Yes. But, a customer will receive the requested money after 48hours. Furthermore, if the customer accesses the locked funds before maturity, the interest rate calculated on the Lock Savings Amount shall be the M-Shwari interest rate.



Bank To Mpesa And Mpesa To Bank Services

It is now easy to Transfer money easily between your bank and M-PESA. It is now possible to enjoy easy accessibility of money from your bank accounts even if the banks are closed. The transfer of mpesa to bank and bank to mpesa will save you time and expenses of traveling to the bank. Also the Bank to Mpesa and Mpesa to Bank services is hustle free and saves you on that ambiguous stress of queuing.

This service is easily accessible through the mobile phone; therefore risks associated with handling cash are very minimal. Money withdrawn can be used for purchases and even pay bills. Bank to mpesa services are considered convenient for those unexpected emergency situations.

This service is available to M-PESA registered customers through:

  • using USSD for Bank to M-PESA
  • To benefit from the service, register for Mobile banking with your bank and register for M-PESA at any agent outlet nationwide. Registration is FREE.

Bank to M-PESA transaction

  • This service is available through USSD short code.
  • You require registering for mobile banking or internet banking through your branch to get the short code to let you move money from your bank account into your M-PESA account easily.
  • Just dial the USSD number and follow the instructions

M-PESA to Bank Transaction

This is service is accessible via PayBill.

Just follow the following simple steps:

  • Go to M-PESA menu on your phone
  • Go to Lipa na M-PESA, PayBill choice
  • Input the banks business number
  • Put account number which is your bank account number
  • Input amount
  • Enter M-PESA pin.
  • SMS verification received on phone


 M-PESA Kadogo

Safaricom has launched a new M-PESA tariff aimed at driving financial inclusion that will allow M-PESA customers to perform specific transactions that are below Kshs. 100 for free. M-PESA customers at the moment able to send as little as Ksh.1


Benefits of Mpesa Kadogo

There are no charges for any received payments below Kshs 100



The Safaricom M-Ledger is an app that helps you in keeping track of your Mpesa account details in an easy and secure way.

The Safaricom M-Ledger is an android application that converts your phone into a financial diary from your Mpesa transactions.

This App works by checking your existing Mpesa messages on your device and generating a database for them. The more messages you have, the more information The Safaricom M-Ledger will have to work with them.

The Safaricom M-Ledger offers unique advantages which include:

  • View your M-PESA transactions.
  • Integrated advanced Reports scan
  • Regular Sync of all Transactions to Web
  • Broad reporting & Charting on M-Ledger Web
  • Refined Search capability
  • Ease: It is just by a click of a button and you have all your information.
  • Convenience: It is easily available and at no cost.
  • Paperless: The App is installed on mobile thus no documentation is needed
  • Safe: It can only be accessed by the owner.

Keep track of your M-PESA transactions the safe and easy way with The Safaricom M-Ledger

M-PESA Chama Account   

The Mpesa Chama Account is another service from Safaricom  Mpesa which offers a collection of funds from chamas or groups in a convenient and secure way.

Enjoy all the benefits that come with the Mpesa Chama Account which will help you in the running of the chama effectively. Why are so many people opting for the Mpesa Chama Account?

  • Helps in decreasing all the excuses one used to make when contributing to Harambee or other projects.
  • The Mpesa Chama Account has increased responsibility and trust within chama members.
  • Easy and secure contribution anywhere countrywide.



How to register with Mpesa Chama Account

Simply walk in Safaricom shop or customer care nationwide and ask for an application form. In addition to the application form, the applicant is also to submit a copy of ID and PIN certificate of the Chama appointed official and a copy of registration certificate.

The money accumulated is transferred to the bank account by the group’s representative. Hereafter the group’s representative will commence the request for the money to be moved to the bank account by sending an email to chama@safaricom.co.ke.

The Mpesa chama account can have from Kshs 0 to Kshs 100 million. The chama agent can register the rest of the members and make available access for the members to access the chama’s statement.


M-PESA Statements on Email

Receive your monthly Mpesa statements easily and conveniently through your E-mail wherever you may be countrywide.

Simply follow the simple procedure below:

  • Dial *234# from your phone to access the menu, click “My Mpesa information “ followed by “Mpesa Statement”
  • Click “Full statement” and then register with your ID, then input and confirm your email address.
  • An SMS confirming your registration will come through your phone.
  • Finally, from here you will be able to receive your mpesa statements via your mail by every 5th of every month.

Benefits of this service

    You have access to your Mpesa statements on demand.

    Carry out reconciliations without having to visit Safaricom stores.





Safaricom scrutinizes all reported cases of fraud on the network, and our devoted Fraud team works jointly with the relevant authorities to seek legal address where appropriate.

Fraudsters are known to make use of tactics that take advantage of clientele; they will ask you to provide information or do something yourself. To evade being party to any frauds or cons on M-PESA, please pay attention to the following:

Check M-PESA balance

When you execute an M-PESA transaction, you receive a text message that confirms your transaction and lets you know your new balance. You can also verify your M-PESA balance by selecting “My account” on the M-PESA phone menu.

M-PESA SMS confirmation messages

After performing an M-PESA transaction, a text message will be sent to your account. The SMS proves that the M-PESA money you sent has moved from your account to another person’s account. To avoid blunders, constantly check your M-PESA balance prior to and following your transactions.


Your M-PESA PIN is used to guard the money in your account. You have to enter your PIN before you can perform any M-PESA dealings, therefore choose a PIN that you can easily memorize. Use a PIN that is hard for other people to guess, and do not share your PIN with anybody, not even the Safaricom staff. You can modify your PIN at any time by going to ‘My account’ on the M-PESA phone menu.

Changing Start Key to M-PESA PIN

You must adjust the Start Key to an M-PESA PIN number you can memorize:

Go to your M-PESA phone menu underneath ‘My account’

  • Select ‘Change PIN’
  • Input your ‘old MPESA PIN’ (as the Start Key)
  • Input your ‘new M-PESA PIN’ and confirm.

You will get an SMS confirming that your M-PESA PIN has been changed.

M-PESA account activation after SIM swap

After you perform a SIM replacement on your Safaricom line, you will need to re-activate your M-PESA account. Input your previous M-PESA PIN as the Start Key.

M-PESA fraud

If you receive an SMS or a call from someone declaring they have sent you money by mistake, please do not send it back before checking your current M-PESA balance.

M-PESA fraud-confirmation of mobile numbers

When sending money via M-PESA, confirm or double check the phone number you are sending money to. “Hakikisha” you confirm the transaction details. Make sure the mobile number digits you have entered are correct. It may help to write down the number before you perform your transaction.

M-PESA Secret Word

Once you activate your M-PESA account, you get a text that contains your M-PESA secret word. You can modify your Secret Word at any time, and it’s free. Make use of the ‘My account’ menu to change your Secret Word to a word you can easily remember.

M-PESA Pay Bill Service *234#


It is now easy to pay your bills via MPESA. Select “Playbill” on your Mpesa menu and simply follow the directives to complete the transaction. You can log onto www.safaricom.co.ke to obtain more details on Mpesa pay bill and their respective business numbers.

When registering for M-PESA or carrying out transactions at an Agent‘s outlet, you will be inquired to produce your original identification document. The customary forms of identification are:

  • Alien ID
  • Diplomatic ID
  • Kenyan National ID
  • Military ID
  • Passport

 Airtime on M-PESA

You can now buy airtime from your phone via Mpesa. You can also buy airtime for other people. The least amount of airtime you can buy is for Kshs 5. you will not be charged for buying airtime via Mpesa.

M-PESA airtime purchase

You can call Safaricom customer care for reversal when you have bought airtime instead of sending money.

M-PESA Reversal

Safaricom has initiated a new Safaricom SIM cards which let you save the phone numbers that you regularly use for Mpesa transactions. You can now save these numbers on SIM as SIM contacts. This service enables you to pick numbers directly from the Mpesa menu while performing your transactions. This has reduced cases of frauds and sending money to the wrong number. This new Safaricom SIM card is obtainable in Safaricom Retail Shops and Dealer outlets


Every Safaricom SIM card in all outlets is considered unregistered until a customer acquires and registers it. Every unregistered Safaricom subscriber can register at any of the Safaricom shop, Authorized Dealer and at any Mpesa Agents countrywide. One is required to fill out an official registration form and requested to produce documents for verification purpose.  When one is registering their Safaricom SIM card they will be asked to produce either:

  • Original id
  • Original passport
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Military id

If you are unable to find the registration forms, you can visit Safaricom Website: www.safaricom.co.ke or www.safaricom.com, and download the form. After you have printed the form, complete filling it together with your identification document, present the aforementioned to any Mpesa Agent, Authorized Dealer or any Safaricom shop. In a matter of minutes, you will be a registered subscriber.


Safaricom call and SMS services are divided into 2. The Pre-Pay and the Post Pay Services.


Call, surf the Internet, text, transfer money, remain conversant and entertained using your Safaricom line.

Safaricom offers you a brand new and exciting communication experience with the finest service and PrePay tariffs and plans in Kenya. Maybe you are in the Mara or comfortably seated in your home, you can depend on us to keep you connected. With reasonably priced rates and a wide range of services custom-made just for you, Safaricom offers you a communication experience that is unmatched.

The Safaricom Bonga Points moreover guarantees that you get more out of your Safaricom line just by using it. Go ahead Get connected to the strongest network in Kenya.


The Safaricom PrePay service gives you the freedom to pay as you use. Using PrePay you can opt for a tariff plan that suits best your communication way of life. You may also choose from our wide array of recharge methods and top-up denominations to suit your financial plan.

The PrePay service comes with a number of value-added services including:

  • FREE Customer Care Access,
  • FREE Tariff Migration,
  • International Dialing,
  • Loyalty Scheme
  • PrePay Roaming
  • Voice mail

How to recharge your Line

You can select from our wide collection of top up routines and top-up denominations to go with your budget.

They comprise of:

  • Bamba 5 vending at KSh 5 and expiring after 30 days
  • Bamba 10 vending at KSh 10 and expiring after 45 days
  • Bamba 20vending at KSh 20 and expiring after 90 days
  • Bamba 50 vending at KSh 50 and expiring after 90 days
  • Bamba 100 vending at KSh 100 and expiring after 90 days
  • Bamba 250 vending at KSh 250 and expiring after 90 days
  • Bamba 500 vending at KSh 500 and expiring after 90 days
  • Bamba 1000 vending at KSh 1,000 and expiring after 120 days

Top Up via M-PESA

M-PESA offers you the ease of recharging your airtime anyplace you are at any time you want without having to look for a shop. To top up via M-PESA you will:

  • Select ‘Buy airtime’ on your M-PESA menu
  • Put your mobile phone number
  • Enter the amount of airtime you want to buy.
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN and then verify the details. The verification SMS will read “Buy airtime self KSh 100”, complete transaction by pressing OK.
  • Finally, you will receive confirmation SMS from M-PESA.

Safaricom PostPay clienteles can also use M-PESA to buy airtime for prepaid phones


Indirect Top Up

Need airtime? There is no need to transfer airtime from your account. Top up any amount between KSh 5 and KSh 10,000 instantly from your account simply.

Indirect Top Up via SMS

  • Create a new SMS and enter (#) directly after the 12-digit scratch card you want to top up, followed by the mobile number you want to top-up e.g., 123456789012#0722123456.
  • Send the SMS to 141.
  • Wait for the authentication SMS.
  • Both you and the recipient of the airtime will receive an SMS notice upon successful top-up.

Indirect Top Up via USSD

  • Enter *141*12-digit scratch card PIN you want to top up * mobile number you want to recharge #, e.g. *141*123456789012*0722123456#.
  • Push the OK button.
  • Both you and the recipient of the airtime will get a notification upon successful top-up.




ATM Top Up

The ATM Top up service allows you, as a Pre-Pay customer who operates an account with any bank in Kenya to purchase Safaricom airtime at any of their automated teller machines (ATMs) accessible countrywide.

How ATM Top up works

  • The ATM Top up service is like any other ATM service, always a receipt containing the airtime PIN would be issued after the transaction.
  • Your Safaricom airtime account is recharged by entering the airtime PIN printed on the receipt issued, and funds equivalent in value to the airtime obtained will be debited from your account.



Text until you drops simply with Safaricom SMS. Express your message via text. All messages are charged per 160 lettering. The charge of an SMS is KSh 1.00 for Safaricom to Safaricom SMS and KSh 2.00 for SMS from Safaricom to other local networks. International SMS rate continue being KSh 10.00

Depending on your phone, you are required to: Set the Service Centre Number, which is +254722500029. Choose the message style as text or standard.

How does SMS work?

When an SMS is received on your phone,  it is stored up in your mobile phone. It’s quick, opportune and affordable. SMSing also lets you pass your message across discreetly and silently. It is better to read than said.

Text messages are perfect when:

  • it is hard to talk in swarming or crowded places
  • you are in a meeting
  • you want to send a quick note
  • You are arranging meetings
  • You don’t want anyone else to hear what you’re saying!


Samabaza is an airtime distribution service that assists both Pre Pay and Post Pay subscribers to share airtime with their friend and relatives.

You can sambaza any amount between KSh 5 and KSh 10,000.

How to Sambaza through SMS

  • Create a new text and enter # right away after the airtime amount you want to share, next enter the mobile number you want to top-up, e.g., 20#0700123456.
  • Send this text to 140.
  • Wait for a confirmation by SMS.
  • Both you and the recipient of the airtime will receive an SMS notice upon successful top-up.

To Sambaza via Short Code:

  • Dial *140*amount you would like to share* mobile number you want to top-up#, e.g. *140*20*0700123456#.
  • Press the OK button.
  • Both you and the recipient of the airtime will receive an SMS notice upon successful top-up.

It is worth noting that the person sending airtime must remain with a minimum of KSh 5 airtime on their phone.

Stori Ibambe na Storo Bonus

Top up airtime on your device, attain your daily target and get 100% bonus airtime valid until midnight daily. The additional airtime may be used for Safaricom to Safaricom calls and SMS. To check the bonus balance call *460# and select “Check my STORO Bonus Balance”.

Safaricom Advantage Plus

The Safaricom Advantage Plus is an offer from Safaricom that allows consumers on the path to success live a regular life by offering convenience, outstanding value, class, and eminent service benefits.

The Advantage Plus offers Safaricom Prepay clientele 3 bundle plans christened

  • Advantage Plus Superior,
  • Advantage Plus Premium
  • and Advantage Plus VIP.

The bundles are driven towards giving the customers an additional value of up to 85% plus the expediency that comes with being on Safaricom Prepay.

How to Subscribe to Safaricom PrePay Advantage Plus:

  1. call *100*6# or *100# and choose “Advantage Plus”
  2. select your preferred Advantage Plus Plan
  3. click on the Prepay choice
  4. Choose your favorite payment option that is. Airtime or M-PESA
  5. To pay via M-PESA, input your service PIN and confirm. If you are using airtime options, the airtime will automatically be subtracted from your main account
  6. You will get a notification on successful payment to your preferred Advantage Plus Prepay Plan

Advantages of Advantage plus plan

  • As a pre-pay client, you worry less about topping up from time to time
  • You have a clear perceptive of your charges
  • Clientele who subscribe to the Advantage Plus Post Pay bundles has access to Safaricom customer care line 200 which is easily accessible.

How to subscribe to the Advantage plus plan

Option A

To purchase a Pre-Pay plan for existing Safaricom PrePay clientele: dial *100# and select “Advantage Plus” click on your favorite Advantage Plus Plan. Select the PrePay option Select your favorite payment option i.e. Airtime or M-PESA To pay using M-PESA, input your service PIN and confirm. For the airtime option, it will automatically be deducted from your main account. You will get a notification upon a successful subscription to your preferred Advantage Plus Prepay

Option B

To buy a PostPay plan For existing Safaricom PostPay Customers: dial *200# and then select the “Advantage Plus” preference Select your plan of choice agree to the Terms and Conditions of service send the request You will receive a notification on successful subscription to your favorite Advantage Plus Plan


Your credit limit ought to be adequate to cater for the cost of the package For Existing Safaricom PrePay, customers joining Advantage Plus PostPay dial*100# and select your preferred Advantage Plus Plan enter your National ID / Passport number, your email address verify subscription and 1 month deposit conform to the Terms and Conditions Pay the prepayment and 1st month’s usage via M-PESA present the request You will be given a notice on successful subscription to your preferred Advantage Plus Plan and you will be transferred to the Post Pay Hybrid tariff.

Because of the excellent value being offered by the Advantage Plus value plan and the fact that clients have three choices to pick a package that best suits their needs, this package will be valid for one month from the subscription date after which it will expire. Unused resources will NOT be rolled over after the expiry date.

If in the past you were on PrePay, you can top up your line with airtime. If you were a PostPay tariff customer before subscribing to the Advantage plus Plan, you can continue using your credit up to your limit. Normal calls, SMS and Internet rates apply. This will apply to the rewarded resources individually e.g. when voice minutes are exhausted but the subscriber still has SMS airtime; voice will be taxed out-of-bundle and the SMS in-bundle.

You can upgrade or downgrade your bundles based on what you are eligible for. PostPay Hybrid customers will need to visit any Safaricom Shop so to upgrade their bundle and top up their deposit to the equal amount of the new bundle. Advantage PostPay clientele can upgrade or downgrade their bundles by calling *200#. Their credit limit needs to be adequate to cover the additional cost

The local minutes and SMS will apply to all local networks calls and SMS. Calls to toll free numbers, international numbers, calls while roaming etc. will not be allowed. The local SMS do not apply to Premium Rate Services, International SMS or for SMSs sent while roaming

You can subscribe to the Advantage Plus Plan if you are on the existing Karibu PostPay 1000 or Karibu PostPay 2,500 bundles. Your existing resources will be moved to the new Plan and the prevailing expiry dates will apply. However, once you exit the Karibu PostPay Bundles you will not be allowed to move back

Checking PostPay Balance

This service is free. Check your PostPay balance easily by dialing *200#

To check your balance through SMS:

  • Go to Messages and create a “New Message”.
  • Type the word “balance”.
  • Send to 200.
  • wait for response from Safaricom confirming your balance.

Lipa Na M-PESA

This is a service from Safaricom that allows customers to pay for goods and services using M-PESA. The “buy goods and services “service is available on your M-PESA Menu below ” Lipa Na M-PESA ”

To pay for your good and services., go to the M-PESA Menu  “Lipa Na M-PESA and choose Buy Goods input the Till Number of the outlet/till  input the amount you desire to pay (ould be between Ksh. 50 – Ksh 70,000) insert your M-PESA PIN. Confirm that all details are correct and press OK.

In case there is a delay you will get an SMS from Safaricom notifying you of the delay. If both you and the till operator have not received notifications then call Safaricom to confirm status.

Can I stop a transaction? No. Once a transaction is set off by the customer, only the receiving merchant can reverse it. Safaricom is not allowed to carry out LIPA NA M-PESA reversals unless they be given official go ahead by the merchant.

As of last year January 2016, Lipa  na Mpesa merchants were 36,000, this was according to Telecom.

Lipa na Mpesa was officiated in June 2013, and formed partnerships with the government, public transport sector and some banks. In November 2015 Kshs 15 billion was transacted in that month only.

Nine out of 10 transactions in Kenya are made using cash. This shows that there is a remarkable opportunity for Lipa na Mpesa in the market.

Subscribers fancy usage of the Lipa na Mpesa service because of its convenience. Beyond the usual money transfer, customers can also pay their bills such as water, rent and electricity, shop and pay their bus fares.

The retail mobile payments stand has so far signed up businesses such as airlines, hotels, supermarkets, public service vehicles, oil marketers and schools.

Safaricom taxes retailers a 1% transaction dispensation fee on the Lipa na M-Pesa service, contrast to the average 3% levy merchants disburse to use banks’ point of sale terminals.

The Pay Bill service is a cash collection service that permits your organization to collect money on an ordinary basis from your customers via M-PESA

Through PayBill numbers, one is able to serve their clients much better as your customers are able to pay for services with simplicity and on time. Safaricom’s payment solutions have enabled easy single transactions in addition to bulk payments when needed.

Take advantage of M-PESA’s payment solutions and ease your financial transactions today.

Lipa Kodi

Safaricom has initiated a new rent collection and payment service christened Lipa Kodi na M-PESA. Under this new system, customers are required to pay Kshs.6 for transactions up to Kshs. 5,000 whilst those paying between Kshs.50, 000 and Kshs.70, 000 are charged a transaction fee of Kshs. 220.

Lipa Kodi (which means Pay your Rent in Swahili) is intended to offer convenience to tenants, landlords and housing agents by offering them a safe and consistent rent payment and collection mode.

“Lipa Kodi is another solution from Safaricom that seeks to widen the financial inclusion schedule through the use of mobile phones. Lipa Kodi is anticipated to redefine the payment system for Kenyans and how they meet their rental responsibility,” said Betty Mwangi-Thuo, Safaricom’s General Manager for Financial Services.

Safaricom is venturing into the rental business in proportion to Kenya’s vast real estate market, expected to cost a tune of ksh 7.2B. This is an indication of great potential particularly for the real estate segment. Dependable indicators prove the segments potential and Safaricom’s ambitions are not misplaced.

Safaricom is determined to employ Estate Agents, Diaspora Based Landlords, local Authority and Private Landlords who will make implementation of the service among rent payers easier. Some landlords are already collecting rent via MPESA but in the normal way so it will be interesting to see if they will adopt this service.

How Lipa Kodi na Mpesa works

Landlords or plot agents have to share their individual Mpesa Pay Bill number with their tenants so as to make payments as agreed.

The property owners will have unique names for each housing unit. After that, each unit will have an exclusive code that is the account number to be used by the tenants when sending money via the MPESA PayBill service for Lipa Kodi na Mpesa.

Steps to follow on M-PESA PayBill service

  • Select ‘Pay Bill’ from the M-PESA menu
  • Input the ‘Business Number’
  • Input the ‘Account Number’
  • Input the amount you wish to pay.
  • Input your M-PESA PIN.
  • verify that all the details are accurate and press OK
  • The customer will get a confirmation SMS from M-PESA instantly.
  • The Housing Agent/landlord will have access to M-PESA system to track transactions on their PayBill service and reconcile records for their organizational purposes.
  • The Housing Agent/Landlord will inform the customer upon receiving the payment.

Government Services

The term ‘Government Services’ could mean images of continuously waiting in long queues and ending up with less than satisfactory service. The Government services are compulsory for citizens and so at on one occasion or the other, you have all found yourselves in this tight situation. Government services to a great extent have improved over the last decade with a call to trim down corruption and give citizens value for their taxes. In 2015 the value grew to new heights, with the introduction of eCitizen.

The eCitizen portal is an online portal that seeks out to make access to government services more convenient for the nation. The portal is directed by the ICT Authority of Kenya and was the invention of the Ministry of Finance. These services can be easily paid for electronically. The government has obtained M-Pesa PayBill number 206206 exclusively for these services.

Several services available on the portal include: business registration, marriage notification, affidavits commissioning, renewal of the driving license, and application of passport and land rent clearance certificate. More services have been added including: issuance of birth and death certificates and Kenyan visa application

Safaricom was the pioneer in the mobile money with the creation of MPesa. MPesa has transformed the way goods and services are being paid for countrywide and have motivated other markets to take up parallel services. Lipa na MPesa is one of the services that Safaricom launched that took specifically into account the number of clientele that use MPesa to pay for goods and services. It makes sense that MPesa would be a main convenient method available to pay for government services.

Wave goodbye to long queues while trying to access government services. With the eCitizen portal you now have access to various government branches for quick and easy services. This guarantees your transactions are safe and easy giving you more time to build the nation.

Some of the services available on the portal include:


  • Provisional DL
  • Test Booking
  • Interim DL
  • Duplicate DL
  • Renewal of DL
  • Driving Class


  • Land Rents
  • Land search


  • Passport/Visa/Travel permits
  • Registration of birth
  • Death Certificate

AG’S Office

  • Business
  • Business Name Registration

Changa na M-PESA

Changa na M-PESA is a service that allows subscribers to rent a Pay Bill number for a specified period of time for specific intentions.

Whether you need to raise money for medical reasons, education, weddings, funerals, charity and so on, this service will come in handy in helping you consolidate your funds and give well-wishers an easy time.

You can rent a Pay Bill number for any period between 1 – 6 months. The digits will be available for use within 48 hours upon request. It works like the regular Pay Bill account with the exception that the service is temporary. Hiring a Changa na M-PESA Pay Bill account will not earn you any charges and there will be no problems for the users as the processes used are the same as for the normal Pay Bill account.

Apart from being a safe avenue for holding cash, Changa na M-PESA account has other great advantages for you. It is a one point of funds collection guarantying accountability since cash is withdrawn to a bank and a statement of funds is made available for audit. Changa na M-PESA account also gives you the capability to collect and hold large sums of cash-up to. 100 million-whereas the regular customer number holds Kshs. 100,000.




Pay with the safe and convenient way every time you fuel using LIPA NA M-PESA FUEL LOYALTY.

Use Lipa Na M-PESA to get 1 minute talk time for every purchase of Kshs.500 worth of fuel. The talk time will loaded straight away into your mobile number within 24 hours.

How to open a corporate account

Are you willing to open a corporate M-PESA account? Well here are some basic requirements that you must meet for your application to be successful.

Lipa Karo Na M-PESA

This is an M-PESA PayBill service proposed for school fees collection. It smoothens the progress of paying school fees, making it secure and punctual.

Upon subscribing, a school is issued with an M-PESA Business Number.

Safaricom also have School fees accounts that are run by Kenya Commercial Bank and PesaPal. Kenya Commercial Bank offers the service to sevveral schools who Bank with them.

PesaPal is a supplier of schools management information systems. PesaPal for schools is built on an easy Web-based interface that permits any school to accept and track payments for particular activities such as school trips, activity fees, fund raisers etc.

Steps to follow while making fees payments

Payment via KCB Lipa Karo service

  • To be able to make payment via KCB Lipa Karo service, the school needs to be enlisted with KCB
  • Go to the M-PESA Menu on your phone and select Pay Bill.
  • Enter 522123 as the Business Number
  • In the account number section,enter your school code as provided by KCB, then a K followed by student admission number without leaving a space: {School code}{K}{Student admin no.}, e.g., 123KTK123
  • It is worth noting, School code is used for identification of  the school and students will be advised by KCB or the school.
  • Enter necessary amount and put your M-PESA PIN.
  • Confirm the transaction
  • You will get a confirmation SMS from M-PESA and one more from KCB once money is credited to the school’s account.


Payment via school based Lipa Karo service

  • On your mobile phone, go to the M-PESA menu and pick Pay Bill.
  • In the Business Number field enter school’s Pay Bill Number
  • For the Account Number section, enter student’s identification as directed by the school.
  • Input the required amount and enter your M-PESA PIN.
  • Confirm the transaction.
  • You will get a confirmation message from M-PESA that payment has been made to the school’s Pay Bill account.

Payment via PesaPal Lipa Karo service

  • PesaPal is an easy to use service made to enable schools to request and administer school fees payments from parents.
  • With PesaPal for Schools, a school enrolls parents and students once and then the school can place payment requests to the parents automatically.
  •  Each payment made on PesaPal for Schools, an SMS or email will be sent to parents and also computerizes repetitive tasks such as “account overdue” reminders freeing administrative staff to work on other tasks.

Need assistance?

M-PESA Customer Service on 234 from your Safaricom line.

KCB Contact Centre on (020) 3287000| 0711087000

PesaPal Customer Service 0202495438/0722402859


Safaricom roaming makes it possible for you as the customer to continue enjoying the same great service while on you the go.  Be assured that Safaricom got you covered in many countries worldwide. You can roam in over 200 networks around the world. The Safaricom roaming service is pre activated for all pre paid customers. On the other hand, post paid customers need to dial 200 for free or visit any Safaricom shop and activate the Roaming services on their SIM cards before traveling. You cannot made calls receive or send SMS if you have not activated this service.

It is worth noting that all SMS, calls and data bundles previously bought for use in Kenya shall not be used while roaming.

Safaricom subscribers using the roaming service can buy roaming bundles and they will be charged pertinent tariffs based on the host network.

Subscribers using Safaricom’s Roaming service can purchase roaming bundles and will be charged applicable tariffs based on the host network.

It also worth noting that once you on the roaming service, you will be charged for receiving calls.

Also you will be charged when you use your data. This will be done according to the current roaming data rates.

If on Pre Pay you just dial +254 722 002 100 If on Post Pay you just dial +254 722 002 200. You will be charged the applicable rate as per our tariff guide.

East African Roaming

You no longer have to fret about staying offline thanks to the new East African roaming rates covering Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan. Roam with your Safaricom SIM CARD  when in these  countries and enjoy calling at only KSh 10. No need of buying a new line when travelling out of Kenya.


Your phone doesn’t have to be like every other device. Modify it and give it that personal touch. Step out of the average that everyone has gotten used to and stand out. Be it music or ringing tones, safaricom offers you the chance to position yourself aside from the rest. At Safaricom, understand that your persona and interests are what identify you as a person and we want to help you express them through our great entertainment packages that are customized to complement your personality.

Skiza Tunes

Skiza tune is a content sales policy that is owned and operated by Safaricom. It is a straightforward concept, uses the telco’s network to sell content and have customers pay via their airtime or mobile money.

You can now acquire your favourite SKIZA tune at only 75cents per tune daily and entertain your callers! it is easy, Simply dial *811# to search and download your favorite SKIZA Tune either by Song Title or Artiste Name straight from your Safaricom line.

If you love your friend’s SKIZA tune when you call them and you want to have it, you can get it by dialling 11 while the song is still playing! Even better, you can also spread the musical joy by buying for your friends a SKIZA tune too! Get your theme song and express yourself!

  • Each SKIZA tune is automatically renewed at midnight daily at only 75cents tune daily.
  • If your airtime is insufficient, the tune will be postponed until you top up.
  • Check out your subscribed SKIZA tunes by sending the word GET to 811 at KSh 1 per SMS.


All the others are just TV; however the BIG box is TV plus Internet. Are you looking for implausible TV experience, then look no further than the BIG box. The Big Box is one of the first decoders in Kenya offering free to air channels and Wi-Fi which can connect up to 10 users. The BIG box offers over 50 Tv and radio channels. The big box also allows for; home Internet, Wi-Fi hotspot, Ability to share, Plug and play own media and Access to tailored entertainment and many more.

You can buy the Safaricom big box from any Safaricom outlet in Nairobi or Mombasa at only Ksh 4,999. Additionally, Safaricom will top up your box with free 3GB bundles instantly after purchase.

Safaricom’s the Big box comes with its only one of its kind features in contrast to other decoders like GOtv and Citizen Tv Digital Decoder. Through the Big box you can divide the internet with your family and friends through the WiFi and what’s more access over 32 free to air channels listed below.
Other features of the Big box digital decoder include;

  • Streaming YouTube videos
  • 3G/4G Internet
  • USB and SD media playback for pictures, music and videos
  • Internet hotspot (WI-FI) creation
  • Ability to install Applications

How to buy the big box internet bundles
Dial *422# and follow the process shown in the screen.



Mobile Money Transfer is a mobile-enabled money transfer services that is both domestic and cross-border.  Basically, it a service for sending or receiving money through your mobile phone.

Why should you visit a bank or pay to receive money sent to you from the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, or the UAE when you can receive it at the comfort of your home?


The next time, you want to send school fees home, remember it doesn’t have to cost the receiver a thing when you send to M-PESA.


This service permits anyone wishing to send money to Kenya from wherever they are outside Africa. One needs to visit a Safaricom INTERNATIONAL MONEY TRANSFER partner and send money to an M-PESA mobile phone in Kenya.

The transaction is comparable to the traditional cash-to-cash money transfer, except that the sender identifies the recipient’s mobile phone number at the time the funds are being sent. Recipients of the money Kenya have to subscribe to the M-PESA service through Safaricom to access the service.

When using the IMT, it is not a must for the sender to have a mobile phone; however he or she will need to give a contact number in case of a problem with the transaction.

One ought to be a Safaricom subscriber to receive funds via M-PESA IMT. If you are not registered with M-PESA, you will receive an SMS confirming that you have received money and you will need to register within the next 21 days to be able to access the funds.

Please visit any M-PESA agent nationwide, here you will be advised on how to register and activate your account. You will need your ID or passport and your Safaricom line.

After receiving the money, you can go to any M-PESA agent countrywide and withdraw your funds. On the other hand, you can use the money to buy airtime ,Lipa Na M-PESA, or send money to other subscribers in Kenya.

The highest amount that can be sent once via M-PESA is about Ksh70, 000. The limits per day or per month depend on the country and the partner the money is sent from. The sender shall be given advice by the preferred Partner on any applicable limit.

One of the benefits of using MIT is that it allows you to make transactions promptly, safely and effortlessly by using SMS technology. The service is reasonably priced, and recipients can access funds from over 80,000 agent outlets countrywide.


Safaricom Jazz Festival

Since its foundation in February 2014, the Safaricom International Jazz Festival has progressed into an unmissable carnival of live music. The Festival boasts of bringing together gifted musicians from all over the world and has played an important role in fostering the Kenyan jazz scene, making Jazz more accessible to fans and reuniting music lovers for a good cause.

The main Festival that takes place annually in February, Safaricom hosts the Safaricom Jazz Lounge two times a year, delivering a thrilling mix of live music performances within a friendly setting intended to create a memorable experience.

These events are more than the music, dancing and laughter identical with Safaricom Jazz; all profits go towards supporting Ghetto Classics, a community-based programme that seeks to change the lives of youth from disadvantaged backgrounds by introducing them to the world of live jazz and classical music. This is what makes Safaricom Jazz unique: it is music that moves.


Considered Africa’s first 7 a side tournament, the Safaricom Sevens offers the rugby fans an opportunity to enjoy wide competition at the same time immersing themselves in the unique Kenyan culture.

A host of quality 7s outfits will be back in Nairobi this year relishing an opportunity in taking down 2009 defending champions, the Kenyan National team. As well as the cream of Sub-Saharan Africa rugby on show with likes of Uganda and Zimbabwe present, there is also a strong overseas contingent present with England, Portugal, Italy and Spain

With Kenya known throughout the IRB 7s society as having the most high-spirited and raucous followers, the Safari Sevens is played out in a breathtaking intimate cavalcade atmosphere rivaling Hong Kong and Dubai.



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