How To Sambaza Safaricom Internet Bundles

Tutorial on how to sambaza Safaricom internet bundles

Internet access has a direct impact to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of any economy as World Bank statistics show that for every 10% growth in broadband access there is a 1.4% growth in GDP.  As the access to internet grows, so does the demand for more services that require internet connectivity.

As African economies are growing, the more things are done online, from shopping to communication, learning to entertainment thus making internet access a vital pillar in economic growth. Some African countries and Kenya, in particular, have in the recent past grown the internet sector with speeds even faster than first world countries.

Access in Kenya is mostly through mobile phones with more and more young people purchasing mobile devices. With this growth comes a competition of mobile service operators to win over customers. Safaricom, the biggest mobile operator in Kenya in terms of subscribers has cut a niche for itself with unique products and services. The company offers the fastest internet connectivity services as it prides itself with 4G/ LTE connectivity in major towns across the country. It is the first country in East Africa to roll out 3G internet technology so almost all of the country is covered.

Safaricom has enabled customers to purchase internet bundles as it is more cost-effective than using one’s airtime directly. A customer is able to transfer these bundles to friends and family popularly known as Sambaza both for prepay and postpay customers.

There are several ways in which one can transfer data to another Safaricom user and these include:

  1. Shortcode *544#

By dialing the short code *544# a menu on internet services will pop up on the screen and the option to transfer internet bundles is number 11on the menu. Choose this number and you will be prompted to enter the amount of data you would wish to transfer. Next is to enter the recipient’s number then press send. You will receive a confirmation message after a successful transfer as well as if there was any technicality arising from the transaction.

  1. Online

By logging in at and signing in to your account, you can see your data or airtime balance and transfer the same to other users.

  1. My Safaricom app

The mobile application which was developed by Safaricom is another way of transferring data from one user to another. After downloading the application free of charge from google or windows store, one has to log in to his or her account after which they can view all of their Safaricom services and products.

It is important to note that the minimum amount of data one can transfer is 5mbs and the maximum being 10mbs and a minimum of 5mbs balance should remain after the transfer.  The maximum one can transfer is 10mbs and 20mbs is the daily limit.

Daily data bundles and promotional ones, however, cannot be transferred and once you transfer data from your phone to another the process cannot be reversed. Corporate PostPay numbers cannot transfer data but can receive.