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Steel Series Rival 700 Gaming Mouse


Steel Series Rival 700   Gaming Mouse

The Steel Series Rival 700 gaming mouse looks like any other ordinary mouse at a glance, but with extra buttons. The top of the mouse has the left and right click buttons, with the scroll wheel/button in the center, and a button immediately behind that. The back half of the crown is a smooth cover, which has a triangle designed pattern and a clear white Steel Series logo which is lights up when the mouse is plugged in. The top cover is detachable, and you can get different options for swapping from SteelSeries. The design is pretty much perfect, the mouse fits perfectly in your hand, and it’s very responsive and comfortable for long periods of use

On the left side of the mouse, there is the OLED display near the front, with extra buttons housed in the left side grip. Both the left and right side grips have a double-injected rubber pattern for improved grip.

When you turn the mouse over, you will come across the Pixart 3360 optical gaming sensor.  You may swap this for a laser sensor if you so wish. The Micro USB port is located right at the front of the mouse. Use the USB port to connect to your computer via any of the two USB cables included.  Just behind this, you find a button that releases the connection at a down press and swaps cables. There are three slightly raised glider feet at the bottom of the mouse. Two short gliders are at the front and the longer one is on the back.

Near the back of the mouse, you’ll find a removable rubber nameplate with the RIVAL word mark stamped into it. You can download a 3D printer template from SteelSeries’ website and custom print your own nameplate for additional personalization. This is one of the neatest features of the Rival 700 is the OLED display, it also has a number of GIFs you can download for use, or you can easily create your own and upload it to your mouse.

As far as gaming mouse go, the SteelSeries Rival 700 is as easy or as compound to use as you wish. Simply connect your preferred USB cable to the mouse, plug it into your computer and away you go. On the other hand, because you’ve purchased a gaming mouse you’ll definitely want to modify your settings, customization is pretty simple and straightforward.



In a nutshell, the Steel Series Rival 700 is one great performing gaming mouse. It’s easy to modify, super receptive, and very comfortable too. With the Steel Series Rival 700   Gaming Mouse you are able to store five different profiles on the mouse and easily switch them depending on your game thus making it a versatile mouse.



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